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About ShegoWandering

ShegoWandering was launched by Helga Dosa in 2018. She started as a blogger with no experience in the field, with a blog that she wanted to make for solo female travelers, and for everyone who’s interested in different destinations around Europe. ShegoWandering is an Italy blog, but you can find here everything from the United States to Spain and Hungary. Since July 2021, ShegoWandering became part of the MIRA Digital group, which includes multiple websites owned by Helga.

ShegoWandering – The solo female travel blog – and the personal blog of Helga.

WanderingZone – What you see on Italy Best focused just on Italy, on WanderingZone we’re sharing the same topics, but covering all the countries around the world.

EuropeDishes – If you want to learn more about European cuisine, different countries, and find the best recipes from around Europe, this is the site you want to visit!

FashionFabrique – Are you interested in brands, fashion, trends, beauty, styling, skincare, or make-up? Visit our website!

#bossladywannabe – Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to get tips for building your own business, or blogging tips? On Boss Lady Wanna Be you can find everything from girl boss lifestyle articles, to business, freelancing, and more!

MIRA Digital Team

Founder – Owner – Project Manager

Helga Dosa

Helga is the owner of ShegoWandering, along with all the other websites on MIRA Digital. She started blogging in 2018 and started building this online empire on MIRA Digital in 2021. She’s the editor on all of the above websites, but she’s also covering project management, Social Media, photography, and SEO strategy, as well as web design, email marketing, and more. On ShegoWandering she is still the main author since this website is planned to be kept as a solo female traveler and lifestyle blog.

Helga is based near Milan, Italy and she’s working from here and collaborating with her partners (shareholders) to build these websites, but also with the clients from Milan, Piacenza, and other places around Italy and Europe. To learn about our services, you can visit the site of MIRA Digital, and if you want to collaborate with any of our websites or Social Media channels, please feel free to reach out!

Contact: hello@miradigitalco.com

MIRA Digital partners and team

Roxana Borbilau

Roxi is one of the partners at MIRA Digital and a writer on ShegoWandering, as well as the other websites. She joined us in 2021, working mostly on our client’s website and doing editorial work, as well as email marketing. Roxi is based in Arad, Transylvania, and she joined our MIRA Digital project in May 2021.

Ibtissam el Azami

Ibtissam is the main shareholder of Fashion Fabrique. She’s a fashion, and make-up enthusiast, as well as a makeup artist. She’s based in Rome, Italy, but she’s originally from France. She joined the team and our MIRA Digital project in June 2021 as a writer on Fashion Fabrique, Italy Best, Europe Dishes, and Boss Lady Wanna Be as well. She’s also the owner of thetargetidea.com

Piroska Vigh

Piroska basically grew up with Helga and they’ve done everything together from nursery to school, high school and they also worked together at two different British companies. She joined the MIRA Digital team in 2021, writing for now on Boss Lady Wanna Be, Europe Dishes, and Wandering Zone. Piroska is based in Colchester, England.

Eleonora Rossi

Eleonora is one of our writers on Italy Best since April 2021. She’s a travel enthusiast and sinologist based close to Milan, Italy in the region of Emilia Romagna. She’s also the main shareholder of idechodechina.com, a blog for business in China that she launched out of her passion for Eastern cultures.

For queries regarding collaborations or advertising, please visit our Work With Us page, and email at hello@miradigitalco.com, and highlight in your email that you’re looking to collaborate with ShegoWandering.

Please note that we are rarely accepting guest posts, and it must be a topic that’s not covered but still matches our website.

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