Italy bucket list – 16 cities to visit in Italy

Discover the ultimate Italy bucket list, with great city recommendations for all around this beautiful country. This post includes larger cities, but also includes the city-state of San Marino, and a couple of smaller towns that are way too important[…]

5 traditional Italian easy pasta recipes

We all love Italian pasta dishes right? The simplicity, the amazing taste, and the perfection that comes with them… Every bite brings you to heaven and back! I’m sharing from my cookbook now 5 Italian pasta recipes, that you can[…]

The ultimate 3-days Rome Itinerary

Rome is like a museum! The whole city is literally like a big, never-ending museum. On every corner, every piazza, every turn there’s a monument, a fountain, a bridge, a museum, a ruin from the ancient times. If there’s one[…]

Rome Photo Gallery – Colors of the Eternal City

When we think about Rome, and Italy in particular, there’s no way we could imagine it without the sun, the warm colors and the beautiful architecture. My imagination reflects on my pictures. The reason I’m creating and using my own[…]

10 beautiful squares to visit in Rome

Rome… There’s so much to explore in the capital city of Italy! Two millenniums of history, art, and a vibrant culture compressed in one amazing city. I’ve been sharing lists of streets, neighborhoods, landmarks in Rome already, and this time[…]

Italy in 26 pictures by ShegoWandering

Italy, the country that changed my life, stole my heart and gave me the best memories ever! Since 2015 I’ve been numerous times each year there, and I do keep going back, as I just can’t imagine my life without[…]

5 beautiful parks in Rome, Italy

We’ll talk today about some beautiful parks in Rome, Italy. If you’re a frequent visitor on ShegoWandering, you know my opinion about Rome already. Please excuse me, but I’m going to say it again… For me, the capital of Italy[…]

Rome, the Eternal City

Rome had a great influence on me. ShegoWandering wouldn’t exist if in 2015 I wouldn’t have the time of my life in the capital city of Italy. This blog started by my love and inspiration of Rome, the way that[…]

10 movies to see before visiting Italy

Italy, the colorful towns and cities, breathtaking lands, vineyards, architecture, history, food, and culture inspired many movies over the decades. Here are my 10 movies to see before visiting Italy. Some of them actually inspired me to visit specific towns[…]

6 beautiful streets you need to see in Rome

Rome is the place where you need to get lost! The city that’s full of surprises, history, charm, and colors. Put away your map, and roam around the historic center of Rome to discover beauties, that you couldn’t even imagine[…]

Best neighborhoods in Rome: Navona

Back in 2015, on my very first evening in Rome, while we were trying to find Piazza Navona we’ve got lost in this neighborhood with my friend. Thanks to those very confusing little streets, even though we were both keeping[…]

Best neighborhoods in Rome – Trastevere

Trastevere, Rome is my second favorite neighborhood in the Italian capital, right after the Navona neighborhood. The neighborhood is located south of Vatican City, near the Tevere river. Trastevere is famous for being still super authentic, full of colorful streets. Colorful,[…]

6 Places with the best panoramic views in Rome

Rome is famous for its beautiful panoramas and amazing viewpoints. There are plenty of places that offer an unforgettable view of the historic center and the many domes of Rome. I suppose you all heard about the 7 hills of[…]

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