10 historical tv series about Italy and the Roman Empire

historic tv series about Italy rome tv shows
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Do you love indulging in history as I do? Are you looking for Rome tv series or other Roman Empire tv series? Are you looking for shows like Spartacus on Netflix? Watching the best historical tv-series is always great to travel back in time, and imagine how life was at that time. If you’re here, you’re here because you want to find out which are the best Rome tv shows, or tv show about a family in Renaissance Italy, the best Roman tv series, roman mysteries tv series watch online, or the best tv series like Rome, right? You’ll also find shows like Spartacus in this list since that’s one of my personal favorites! Well, let’s get into it right away and find out which are historical tv series about Italy and the Roman Empire!

Historical tv series about Italy – Roman Empire tv series – Best Rome tv shows

So if you’re looking for shows like Spartacus on Netflix, you’re in the right place! I was a history major at university, and I always loved the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, so you can imagine how happy I was every time I found a new Rome tv series! I’m not a big fan of the Rome tv show for example, and I do think there are other options for the best Roman tv series! As time was passing, now I had to update the list as some new Rome tv series came out in 2020 and even more Rome tv shows in 2021. Let’s see the 10 best historical tv series about Italy and the Roman Empire. Each one has a high ranking, and they all have a worldwide audience. The above-listed series will take you back in time to different centuries and cultural viewpoints. You will find some of these Rome tv series on Netflix as well!

10 best Rome tv series and the best historical tv series about the Renaissance

Though they are the best historical tv series, obviously, many things that are standing far from reality. If you’re interested in the mysterious Italian and Roman past, you will definitely love these historical tv series! The list of tv shows is absolutely random, it’s not organized after any ranking because they are all great! If you’re looking for shows like Spartacus, definitely stick around! Let’s see some of the best historical tv series about Italy, Rome tv series, and also Roman Empire tv series beyond Rome itself.

1. Da Vinci’s Demons

Da Vinci’s demons original photo

Da Vinci’s Demons IMDB rating: 8.00*

As a big lover of the Renaissance, this movie was a real gem for me. If you’re looking for a Rome tv show, tv shows about Italian Renaissance family, Roman mysteries tv series watch online, don’t miss Da Vinci’s Demons! I love the mysterious, fantasy movies that are based on historical facts and personalities, therefore I gave this one 10*.

Story: A fictionalized story about Leanardo Da Vinci’s early life during the Renaissance in Italy. He is an eccentric genius who has struggled to deal with his inner demons and unruly imagination, as he yearns for acceptance from his estranged father.

2 Medici

The Medici original photo

Medici IMDB rating: 7.9*

My second favorite historical tv series, the Medici. If you’ve been looking for a tv show about a family in Renaissance Italy, Medici is for you! The masters of Florence, the greatest family. The Medici were the richest family in Renaissance Florence, and they’ve been ruling in the city for a great time. This series brings you back into the royal life of the Renaissance.

Story: s. A political family drama set in Florence in the early fifteenth century. When his father died, Cosimo de Medici suddenly found himself at the helm of his banking dynasty. Lorenzo took his father’s place after a murder attempt. which reveals years of poor bank management from them. It’s definitely a great tv show about Italian renaissance family.

3. Domina

Domina – original photo

Domina IMDB rating: 7.00

Another new Rome tv show, Domina is one of the new best historical tv series in 2021. Domina is a really exciting Rome tv series because of the story it’s featuring. The historic tv show is about the life and rise of Livia Drusilla, who was the powerful wife of the Roman emperor Augustus Caesar.

As things look right now, the Domina might actually get on top of the best Rome tv shows to watch online. Domina can be a great pick if you’re looking for tv series like Rome or shows like Spartacus! This is a movie like Spartacus, but unfortunately, it’s not between the shows like Spartacus on Netflix… Netflix has unfortunately very few of these historic series.

4. Leonardo

Leonardo – original photo

Leonardo IMDB rating: 7.2*

A new historic tv show about the Renaissance. The series presents Leonardo da Vinci’s extraordinary life through his work that made him so famous. It’s also featuring the hidden stories within his works and the tournament of Da Vinci’s obsession for perfection. It’s new to the Rome tv series list since Leonardo is streaming since 2021. It’s definitely a historical tv series that you should watch!

5. Romulus

Romulus – original photo

Romulus IMDB rating: 6.8

Another new Rome tv show. The streaming of Romulus, which is one of the best Rome tv shows in 2020 should be on your best tv series like Rome watch list. The story of this Rome tv series of Romulus and Remus, his twin brother takes us back to the 8th century BC.

A story that will present you the historical events, and life throught the eyes of 3 people, who were marked by violence, death and loneliness. Is it going to become one of the best Roman tv series? Romulus can also qualify somehow as one of the alternative shows like Spartacus.

6. The young pope

The Young Pope – original photo

The young pope IMDB rating: 8.4*

Here’s another one about Vatican City and the papal institution. The Young Pope is somewhat fictional since it’s playing in the present, and it is indeed an interesting movie to watch. All the conspiracy and mystery that we find in historic tv series, just this time, it is happening today and not in the past.
Story: Lenny Belardo becomes the first American Pope and takes the name of Pius XIII. … Sister Mary and Cardinal Voiello struggle to control Lenny, who admits that his conservative religious views result from his parent’s decision to place him in a Catholic orphanage so they could pursue a hedonistic lifestyle.

7. Spartacus

Spartacus tv series – original photo

Spartacus IMDB rating: 8.5*

And here it is, the series that made me stay awake 48 hours and watch all seasons…My favorite Rome tv show, one of the best roman tv series of all, Spartacus! When I’ve seen Spartacus the first time, I was literally going crazy to know what happens next and I just couldn’t sleep. I watched this tv-show a few weeks before starting my first year at university. As a history student, in my first year, the Roman Empire was one of the main subjects, After the first week into university life, I convinced all my classmates to watch it. Spartacus is definitely one of the best Rome tv shows!

Story: Blood and Sand is the first season of the American television series Spartacus, which premiered on Starz on January 22, 2010. A historical figure inspired the tv-show. The Thracian warrior was a gladiator in Capua. Spartacus was leading a major slave uprising against the Romani Republic between 73 to 71 BC.

The story is full of dramatic flips and keeps you in suspense the whole time. Really worth watching, just if you’re a history lover, don’t start watching it on a Monday evening! Definitely one of the best tv series like Rome!

8. The Borgias

roman mysteries tv series watch online
The Borgias – original photo

The Borgias IMDB rating: 7.9*

Another great tv show about a family in Renaissance Italy! Alright, the Borgias is another one of the best historical tv series. But because of the history again. The pope, Rodrigo Borgia was in real life as well as interesting as the series is showing – however, this is a fantasy story based on historical facts and personalities! Don’t believe everything you see!

Story: In the fifteenth century, Pope Alexander VI tries to control all power in Italy with the help of his several sons, through murder, intrigue, war, and marriage alliances. The rise to power, and the start of a dynasty, of the Borgia family. Rodrigo Borgia ascends within the Catholic Church, becoming Pope Alexander VI.

9. Rome

best roman tv series
Rome tv show – original photo

Rome IMDB rating: 8.7*

Obviously, when it comes to this topic, Rome is one of the best Rome tv shows. Now let’s go back to the beginnings of this historical series. Rome is one of the best series that presents Ancient Rome. It chronicles the transition of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire in ancient Rome.

The series primarily focuses on the lives and deeds of the lives & families of two Roman soldiers named Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo. Another show that’s great if you’re looking for shows like Spartacus!

10. Marco Polo

rome tv series
Marco Polo – original photo

Marco Polo IMDB rating: 8.0*

Marco Polo is an American drama web television series inspired by Marco Polo‘s early years in the court of Kublai Khan, the Khagan of the Mongol Empire, and the founder of the Yuan dynasty (1271–1368). It’s one of the best historical tv series, as you can see in on the IMDB rating as well.

The Venetian merchant and adventurer Marco Polo journeys across Europe and Asia and lands up as a prisoner in the palace of Kublai Khan, a 13th-century Mongolian emperor. It’s not about ancient Rome, but if you’re looking for historic series on Netflix and not specifically Spartacus, this might be a great alternative for shows like Spartacus on Netflix.

Wrapping up the 10 best Rome tv shows – historical tv series

I hope you’ve found what you’ve been looking for! I featured here tv show about a family in Renaissance Italy, but also the best tv series like Rome, shows like Spartacus, and my top favorite Rome tv series as well as some of the best historical tv series. You can find some of the best roman tv series on Netflix as well, others on Sky, Amazon, or HBO.

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10 historical tv series about Italy and the Roman Empire

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