Month: July 2020

Budapest – 3 day Itinerary

Budapest is one of my favorite cities in the world! The charm of Budapest made me fall in love with it over and over again, I have also lived there for two years. To make a 3-day Budapest itinerary, for me was extremely hard! But hey, here it is! I just know the city too […]

Traveling on a small budget – 5 proven cheap travel tips

I’ve put this list of the best budget travel tips because I am a huge travel enthusiast. However, I like vacaytioning smartly. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have or you don’t want to spend a ton of money on your travels, the important thing is to find ways to save! If you’re traveling on a […]

10 tips you want to know before visiting Italy

If anybody’s asking me which country to visit, I always advise Italy. This country is so rich in history, beautiful towns, cities, landmarks, nature, beaches, and food! Oh, that food! It’s no way you wouldn’t find yourself the best matching place, as every region is really different! Now, as I’m also based in Italy, I […]

10 Travel Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

Traveling as a form of lifestyle, as an activity has its many types and faces. Since I started blogging and paying more attention to everything around me, I noticed some interesting things. There are quite a few travel mistakes that we are all making one way or another. Now, the question is, how to avoid […]

6 things to do in Central Park, NYC

Central Park is a real escape. Not just for locals, but for the visitors as well! You might be wanting to visit because you just want to explore what to do, or you want to have some quiet, hang out with friends, or just have a clear breath after the crowds and skyscrapers, it’s a […]

A 2-day London Itinerary

London has many things to offer, and there are way too many things to do! With a city break in London, it’s possible to visit all the main landmarks, sights and museums that you have to see once in a lifetime! This 2 day London itinerary will guide you through the British capital, making sure […]

Visiting New York – Part I: Manhattan

My journey to New York was very colorful, as first-time overseas, alone, traveling through multiple countries in Europe. That journey, however, I never admitted but triggered something in me that overcome and changed my whole perspective of seeing my life. Now, while I was visiting New York, the first part of my stay I spent […]

A perfect 2-day Itinerary to Milan

If you thought that Milan has nothing more to offer than the Duomo and the fashion world, I’m here to tell you that you were wrong! To be fair, not even 2 days are enough to visit everything that you could see in Milan. However, we’ll try to cover most of the important sights with […]

The ultimate 3-days Rome Itinerary

Rome is like a museum! The whole city is literally like a big, never-ending museum. On every corner, every piazza, every turn there’s a monument, a fountain, a bridge, a museum, a ruin from the ancient times. If there’s one city that short city breaks aren’t enough for, that’s definitely the Italian capital! Now, through […]

5 facts about solo female traveling you didn’t know!

Solo female traveling is getting more and more popular every year. No wonder why – a good ol’ solo female travel has many perks. First of all, it is definitely an amazing challenge. Women traveling alone have proven to be more successful, happy, and simply complete. It does make sense. Traveling alone brings us closer […]

6 Spanish habits we love – Learn about Spain

After Italy, Spain became quickly my second favorite destination in Europe, and also a topic I love to write about. Spain is at least as fascinating for me as Italy. The culture, arts, architecture, history, everyday life, music, food, drinks, and basically everything is just really close to me. After the Italian habits, now we’ll […]

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