Traveling on a small budget – 5 proven cheap travel tips

traveling on a small budget, cheap travel tips
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I’ve put this list of the best budget travel tips because I am a huge travel enthusiast. However, I like vacaytioning smartly. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have or you don’t want to spend a ton of money on your travels, the important thing is to find ways to save! If you’re traveling on a small budget, you can always find great solutions, and now we’ll see now 5 proven cheap travel tips that work!

For many years, as a student I didn’t had money to ìspread around, now I just don’t feel like breaking the bank for a trip, so I’m also keeping an eye on what I’m spending. If you’re in this case, these how to travel on a low budget tips should help you out immensely.

I personally hate that feeling when I get back from a trip, and I see how much I’ve wasted on unimportant things. So why wouldn’t I pay more attention while traveling, and return home still with a great experience, and money left in my pocket? Tips to travel on a budget will allow you to have some cash for future trips. I always put that money into the budget for my next trip, and it feels amazing to have whatever amount already there!


#1 Hostels

I know many of you are concerned about hostels, as you might be wondernig why you shouldn’t have your own room where you can stay in peace? Well, hostels are much more about connecting with others while traveling, on a much more affordable level. And that’s the first of the best budget travel tips It’s also great for groups, or for solo travelers!

Hostels, even though I was as well keeping my distance, as I don’t like to sleep in the same room as people I don’t know, but it turned out to be a really great option. First of all, I have met some of my closest friends from around the world in our dorms. Staying in a hostel gave me the opportunity to connect with many amazing people, which I loved! That is actually one of my favorite budget travel tips for this very reason.

Secondly, as I was saying, I don’t see why I should spend all my money on a trip, when I could get out of that value even 2-3-4 trips. When I was staying in a hostel, in places like Rome, Seville, Granada, or Malaga, I spent on accommodation for a night not more than maybe €30. While in a hotel or b&b the prices on highly rated places start at around €80/night.

By staying in a hostel for about 4 nights I already saved up €200 for whatever other thing I wanted to do with that money. If you were looking for tips to travel on a budget, that’s a pretty useful one for you right here.

#2 Use the kitchen

One of the best cheap travel tips is to use the kitchen! I do encourage everyone to dine out, and try local food anywhere you go for many reasons. The first being that you can’t truly experience a new culture without trying their dishes. As of secondly, if you’re not going out to eat in local places, you can’t really feel the vibes, and learn about the local habits either. Among the best how to travel on a low budget tips, I would say to choose the smaller, underrated restaurants.

A great way to save money while you’re out there, is if you avoid tourist places, and look for the restaurants visited by the locals! That really makes a big difference not just in budget, but many times in quality as well. I think that’s one of the best tips to travel on a budget I could give you. Flee the center when it comes to eating and cultural habits if you want to immerse yourself in authenticity.

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Also, you don’t have to eat outside all the time. If you’re staying in a hostel or a b&b, and there are hotels with kitchen facilities. Do your grocery shopping in a supermarket, store your food in the fridge, and use the kitchen.

If you don’t want to start cooking on your trip, that’s fine. Make a salad, get cold cuts and veggies, or whatever you like to eat, and divide your eatings between restaurants and the kitchen of your accommodation. On to the next budget travel tips, now!

#3 Avoid shopping at the airport and in touristy places

That right there is one of the best how to travel on a low budget tips I could give you. If you’re a frequent traveler, you already know this probably! Buying food or drinks in the airport is always at least 3 times more expensive than purchasing them outside. If you want good budget travel tips, you have to be smart with money as anything you don’t spend can be reserved for something much more enjoyable.

I know, we all need to keep hydrated and so, but if you can avoid buying sandwiches, snacks, and drinks at the airport, you can honestly save up easily for even two great dinners out during your trip.

What I do buy at the airport is the duty free products, such as the luxury brand make-ups, perfumes, or books. These, I have noticed, are actually cheaper in airports than in shops or online, so if I do any type of airport shopping, is usually to top up my make-up bag. Other than that, the only thing I’m buying is a smoothie or a bottle of water. Nothing more!

Same goes for touristy places. Tips to travel on a budget also include avoiding landmark areas. Obviously, if you go into a Mango shop it won’t have double prices, but the small shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, and especially the souvenire and small-goods cost always more in touristy places! Just to mention Rome, and the smallest thing you would want to buy, a magnet costs 3 times more in the souvenire shop near the Pantheon, than 2 streets away at a street-side stall. Walk two streets, save money for a cappuccino!

#4 What are you packing?

Have you ever been on a one week trip with a cabin bag and a checked in bag? How much you spent on that checked in bag? Saving on your luggage is simple: Think realisticly about what you need, and how much you need of it. You can also check out ways of packing for more things to fit in the same small carry-on. Check out my post with 12 Travel essentials you must have!

With a list, and a pre-organized outfit collection, you CAN fit in a small carry-on for 10 days! I am telling you this because I have done it many times. If that helps, get some packing cubes in for yourself as well, until you learn to pack like a pro. With these tips to travel on a budget, saving €20, €30, or even €50 by packing with care helps you make some extra savings!

#5 Plan your own trip

Well, this is possibly the most important, and the most budget-friendly cheap travel tips of all! Just to give you an example on one trip to Rome, that I have planned for myself and that my friends purchased through an agency!

The cheapest I got myself a week in Rome once was €250 everything included from the planes, to the accommodation, and spendings! My friend did the same trip, for the same amount of time with double the price. In this best how to travel on a low budget tips list, it seemed important to tell you about the benefits of planning yourself. So, what I’m saying is that there are plenty of ways to plan your own trip, and here are a couple of budget travel tips that will help!

First, find cheap flight deals on websites like Momondo, or Skyscanner. Second step is to book accommodation for yourself. You can do that through or the site of Airbnb! To get the best deals on entrance fees, always great to use GetYourGuide to book tickets in advance!

It’s also really important to handle your own schedule, so make sure to check up online for great itineraries created by bloggers. On ShegoWandering, you can find itineraries for Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Seville, Budapest, and London so far!

So about these cheap travel tips

There you have them – the best how to travel on a low budget tips. There are always ways to save money on trips and travels, and these 5 tips on how to save money while traveling. With these cheap travel tips that can be implemented on any destination, you can make the most out of any trip. You’ll have more money for amazing, family-run restaurants, movies in the original version, or local events.

Tips to travel on a budget usually include the best deals on hotels and flights, and rarely mention your day-to-day life as you get on spot. Get the best out of your trips, with the less expenses possible – those are the best budget travel tips I could give you!

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Traveling on a small budget – 5 proven cheap travel tips

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