A 2-day London Itinerary

london 2 day itinerary
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London has many things to offer, and there are way too many things to do! With a city break in London, it’s possible to visit all the main landmarks, sights and museums that you have to see once in a lifetime! This 2 day London itinerary will guide you through the British capital, making sure that you’re not missing anything out!

This itinerary needs two full days! However, if you’re looking to visit the British museum thoroughly, and more of the other museums, you must know, that two days won’t be enough! To do this itinerary in the British capital, you won’t have much time to visit everything inside and out!

If you intend to visit museums, I strongly suggest spending three days in London, otherwise, it’s impossible to see everything! At the end of this article, I’m going to link more tips on things to do in London, so if you’re spending more than 2 days, you’ll have the inspiration to fill the time gap!

Visit London in 2 Days – Itinerary

If you’ve got more time to spend in the area, as a holiday countdown activity, don’t forget to check out some day trips from London, and some other great towns like Cambridge, East Grinstead, or Colchester. Also, we’ve got you covered if you’re interested in castles in England, castle hotels in England, Ireland, and Scotland, and many more great things! Just go to the search bar, or check out our other website, Wandering Zone!

Day 1 of the London Itinerary

On the first day, we’ll be heading from East to West in the City of London (central London). This route will involve many of the most famous landmarks in the British capital. For each stop, I’m going to link for you the places to get tickets, in case you’re intending to visit museums as well!

1. Tower Bridge, London

things to see in london

We’ll start the first day with Tower Bridge, as it is the easter point of the London itinerary, and it’s also better to visit in the morning. During the day, this place becomes really busy, so the earlier you get there, the more you can see. Especially if you intend of taking some pictures without crowds!

Tower Bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge, built between 1886 and 1894. The bridge crosses the River Thames close to the Tower of London. Just as looking at it, it’s no question why it became an iconic symbol of the city. 

If you need to use the Underground to get here, your closest stop is the Tower Hill Tube Station! You can walk over it and just enjoy the view, and the beauty of this stunning masterpiece! If you wish to see the Tower Bridge Exhibition you’ll need to buy a ticket for it. The prices are normally £9.80 but prices might vary.

2. stop: Tower of London

things to see in london

The place everyone should have in their London itinerary, especially if you heard of Henry VIII! The historic castle is located on the northern bank of Thames, right near the previously mentioned Tower Hill station.

The castle had many roles throughout its history. It served as an armory, the home of the Crown Jewels of England, a treasury, a menagerie and it also served as also as a prison.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, there were people held here like Elizabeth I before she became queen. Also Sir Walter Raleigh, and Elizabeth Throckmorton. This use has led to the phrase “sent to the Tower”.


As I have mentioned Henry VIII, the king of England, from the Tudor dynasty, the story is related to the Tower of London. He was a very complex figure in history! The king who established his own church, so he can marry and divorce freely, then had 6 wives, one after the other. Two of them, Ann Boleyn and Catherine Howard were executed in Tower Green, in the Tower of London.

3. British Museum

The British Museum is located in Bloomsbury, in Central London. It’s best to take the tube or a double-decker to get here, as the walking distance is pretty big.

The museum owns more than 8 million items in its permanent collection. This makes it one of the largest exhibitions in existence.

The collection of the British museum is really important as it’s owning a wide collection from the beginning of human culture to nowadays. Not to forget, that it was established in 1753 as the first public national museum in the world.

If you’re adding this to your London itinerary, make sure you’re calculating well the rest of the day!

First of all, the main entrance of the museum is on Great Russell Street. The entrance is free although a small donation is suggested. There are some exhibitions and especially some temporary exhibitions that have separate fees, but it’s best to check out these on the museum’s website!

The British Museum is really large, and as I have mentioned earlier, it has quite an imposing number of items in its collections. If you wish to enter, as I mentioned earlier, you’ll need quite a long time for this. So if you’re in London for just two days, you’ll probably miss many other things from the London itinerary!

To stay up to date with opening hours and exhibitions, I really recommend visiting the official website of the British Museum before your visit!

4. Covent Garden

To get to Covent Garden from the British Museum, you can either walk or take a double-decker no 38. Walking here is just about 12 minutes, so I recommend doing that, as even if you take the bus, you’ll have to walk almost 10 minutes due to its route.

Covent Garden is home to many fashion stores, craft stalls, and the Royal Opera House. Its also home to the London Film Museum, St Paul’s Church, the Covent Garden Piazza, Jubilee Market, and many more. You can also find here some of the best cafes for students and freelancers!

Stop by wandering around the shops, and try some great British desserts in Covent Garden! Again, if you’re planning a thorough visit here as well, you need to add extra days to your London itinerary otherwise it’s literally impossible to see it all! In case if you want to just stop by, then it’s perfectly fine and you’ll still have plenty of time to see everything else!

5. Trafalgar Square, London

Trafalgar Square is about 5 minutes away, so you won’t need to use public transport to get here! The square in the City of Westminster is very popular and very busy most of the time. You’ll get to see here the immense piece called Nelson’s Column.

It was made in honor of Admiral Horatio Nelson, who died in the battle of Trafalgar in the Napoleonic wars. Around the square, there are numerous monuments to see, two beautiful fountains, and a lot of pigeons! A great stop by to add to your London itinerary, as one of the most famous squares of the city.

6. Piccadilly Circus

piccadilly circus, london, united kingdom

Piccadilly Circus is about 8 minutes walk from Trafalgar Square. It’s one of the main hotspots in London. And it’s also one of the busiest places in the city. Imagine it as the British Times Square!

This is a road junction, that’s connecting Regent Street with Piccadilly. The name circus is originating from the Latin, meaning circle, in the context of being around, open space in a street junction.

The zone of Piccadilly is where you will find dozens of shops, restaurants, pubs, more pubs, and even more pubs. There are also plenty of theatres in the area, such as the Prince of Wales Theater, and Piccadilly Theatre.

If you’re visiting with family, and the kids love M&M’s, definitely visit the shop nearby as well!

Day 2 of the London Itinerary

On the second day of the London itinerary, the distance between the sights is much less than on the first day. This day will include more of the Royal history and parks. You can explore some of the most beautiful sites in the city of London on this day!

1. London Eye

london eye

The London Eye is located on the south bank of the Thames. It’s very close to Westminster and the Westminster Bridge. If you want to add the London Eye to your London itinerary, the best is to start here in the morning.

Fun fact, that it’s the most popular paid attraction in the United Kingdom. It’s Europe’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel, which became quite famous around the world.

Currently, the tickets for adults are £28.00, and it’s really recommended to book your tickets in advance, to avoid crowds.

2. Westminster and Big Ben

Unfortunately at the moment is no way anyone could see too much of the Westminster or the legendary tower, Big Ben. It’s all under construction and covered at this moment (July 2020). However, the works are supposed to be done on the tower in 2021, so let’s see some details!

The Palace of Westminster in the House of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It’s located on the North bank of the Thames in the heart of London. To visit the Parliament, check for opening hours and details on the official site of the UK Parliament.

Big Ben is basically the nickname of the tower clock tower of the Palace of Westminster. Its official name now is the Elizabeth Tower, named after Elizabeth I. The ticket price to visit the tower and the parliament will cost an adult £15, and you’ll need about 1,5 hours for the visit.

3. Westminster Abbey

things to see in london

The magnificent Westminster Abbey is a mainly Gothic church, located in the City of Westminster, a few steps from Westminster.

Westminster Abbey is one of the United Kingdom’s most important religious buildings. It’s the traditional place of coronation and burial site for British monarchs.

Since the coronation of William, the Conqueror in 1066, all coronations of English and British monarchs, at least 16 royal weddings, and many more events were organized in Westminster Abbey,

If you would like to enter, the ticket will cost you £20.00. You can book your ticket online so you don’t have to worry about queues.

4. Buckingham Palace

things to see in london

To get to Buckingham Palace, the best is to walk along Birdcage Walk, near St James’s Park. This is a 15 minutes walk in a peaceful, and beautiful environment.

Buckingham Palace is a must for every London itinerary!

On the square in front of Buckingham Palace, you’ll find the Victoria Memorial. which was made in honor of Queen Victoria.

If you want to see the Guard Mounting, make sure to arrive by 10:45 am!

If you wish to enter and explore Buckingham Palace from the inside, the ticket for adults will cost £24.00 and you can book your ticket online. 

When you’re visiting Buckingham Palace, you’ll see the State Rooms that were used for receiving guests and official visitors. You’ll also see the throne room and the Grand staircase. There is also an exhibition of Royal Collections of fine arts that includes pieces of Rembrandt and Canaletto.

5. Hyde Park

things to see in london

Hyde Park is a 10 minutes walk from Buckingham Palace if you cross Green Park.

This is the most spacious and beautiful park right in the heart of London! Hyde Park is actually it is the largest Royal Park in the capital. A must-see place for your London itinerary!

There are many events that are organized in the park, such as concerts, family events, and marathons. My personal highlight in Hyde Park, for all those who are visiting London in December, is the Winter Wonderland!

Hyde Park has beautiful wildlife, and don’t be surprised if while you’re sitting, a duck family will pass by you, or a squirrel will come to be friends with you.

You can find monuments, fountains, and memorials around. The one you can’t leave out from the list if you are with your kids: Peter Pan’s statue.

By clicking here you’ll find all the options and possibilities about what to do and what to see in Hyde Park. Have fun!

6. Kensington Palace

kensington palace

The Kensington Palace is also located in Hyde Park. It has been a residence of the British Royal Family since the 17th century. Queen Victoria also lived here.

Currently, it is the official London residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, which is Prince Harry. It is also the residence of other dukes and duchess and princes, princesses.

Today, the State Rooms are open to the public. The offices and private accommodation areas of the Palace remain the responsibility of the Royal Household. They are maintained by the Royal Household Property Section.

The palace also displays many paintings and other objects from the Royal Collection, therefore if you want to see more than the outside of the palace, make sure you add this to your plans.

The ticket without donation is £15.50, and you can book your Kensington Palace tickets online.

Tips for your London Itinerary

When to visit London?

Well, if there’s one part of the year when it’s really advised against visiting London, that’s the Autumn. As I’ve been living south of London, just about 20 minutes from its border, I can tell, that autumn is a really bad decision! Why? It’s raining all the time! Even if it’s not, the weather in the autumn is so sassy, that it’s literally impossible to predict when it will rain, and how many times a day it’s going to happen.

Sometimes, even in October it was super sunny, and the weather was absolutely fantastic, but that’s again something that you can’t tell in advance. If you’re traveling from outside the United Kingdom, the best is to pick late spring, summer, and early autumn time. Winters in London are chilly, thanks to the cold, strong winds, but it’s much drier. Therefore, if you have no problem with the cold wind, the winter can work great as well!

How to get around in London?

The most popular way, which is also the fastest is the Underground. You can pay with a card as you go, or get a day pass, or a multiple-day pass, but if you’re in the British capital for just one day, the card payment is the best. It won’t charge you more than about £7.00 no matter how many times you use it!

You can also pay with your credit/debit card on double-deckers as well! However, London traffic is very painful, especially during the day, and in peak hours, so use the double-decker buses just if you’re up for long rides!

Where to stay in London?

Picking a great place to stay in London is always difficult. Believe me, I know first hand. But hey! Here are some great places to stay in London for every budget and type of travel!

Luxury places in London are endless. Some of the top ones are the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, the London Marriott Hotel, and the Waldorf Hilton.

For mid-budget, you can find in central London, as The Nadler, Z Hotels, and QBIC.

Hostels you might like in London are The Walrus Hostel for a lower budget, SoHostel for families, and Wombats City Hostel for solo female travelers.

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A 2-day London Itinerary

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