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Things You Need to Know to Work as a Travel Writer

In the article, we will explore what skills are needed to work as a travel writer and discuss where to start your career. A travel writer is a person that mainly specializes in traveling to distant locations to create stories and develop write-ups. The travel writing career has gained so much popularity over recent years. […]

Business resolutions for this year

We all make different resolutions for or after New Year’s Eve each year. For a few years now, I stopped making resolutions in my personal life, and rather do it about my business. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. Being a business owner isn’t easy. The key to success is always to set goals, make plans, […]

5 Signs you need to hire a Social Media expert

Managing your own social media pages, at first, seems like a doddle. That is until you realize just how important it is to grow a loyal follower base, post regular, high-quality content, and respond to all messages promptly. Even if you know your business inside out, that doesn’t mean to say the social media content […]

How to Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the most popular conversion rate optimization software in the market, and also an essential WordPress plugin. It allows you to convert abandoning website visitors into email subscribers and customers. This WordPress plugin and application helps you get more email subscribers and sales, fast. But what are smart tags? And how to use Optinmonster google […]

How To use lead source tracking in Google Analytics

Keeping track of your website analytics, and measuring your progress is essential when you’re running a business. Before we get to speak about how you can use lead source tracking in Google Analytics, let’s see what WordPress plugin you need for it! Monsterinsights plugin MonsterInsights is the most popular and probably one of the best Google […]

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier

Each and every website and blog needs a contact form that makes it easy for visitors to reach you. WPForms is definitely the most popular, and most user-friendly WordPress plugin you should use. Now here’s the question! How to make your life easier by using WPForms and Zapier addon together? Here’s a quick guide for […]

8 Tips To Work From Home – For Those Who Hate The Rules

There are usually two ways in work life. You’re either told what to do, or you have to tell it to yourself. When you’re told what to do, it’s easier to “work out” your life around it. Believe me when I say it’s easier because it is! No matter whether you’re working from home after […]

How to grow your email list with Sendinblue and WPForms

In the past period, we’ve discussed essential plugins for WordPress, tools to grow your website, and tips on growing traffic through Pinterest as well. Between many others, we’ve been through tips to build a website, and blog business resolutions for this year as well. This time, we’ll focus a little bit on growing your email […]

How to use Tailwind? A step by step guide for bloggers

Having a blog doesn’t mean that it will be successful overnight. There are many aspects and many steps to make to build a successful blog. Besides optimizing your blog for SEO and building backlinks to your site, you must learn the best practices for Pinterest and Social Media. In this post, you’ll learn also about […]

How to boost website conversion with Exit-Intent Popups

A really sad fact about websites, blogs, and eCommerce stores is, that most of the visitors you had one day, might never return. According to OptinMonster, more than 70% of these visitors will never return to your website. Imagine if you could catch more visitors and make them return time after time to your site. […]

Semrush Updates – One of the most popular SEO tools

As the digital world is evolving, we all have to evolve with it. We, the website owners, as well as the tools we’re using to grow our websites. Since Semrush is the reason why my blog in just a few months started to gain 5 times more traffic than the previous period, I feel it’s […]

The Ultimate SEMrush Tutorial for Bloggers

If you’re a blogger and you’re trying to get more organic traffic to your blog, you must understand SEO. After 3 years of blogging, I have to tell you, that trying the freeways will never actually work out. After 2 years of trying to keep everything at a low cost, I realized that I actually […]

8 high paying freelance jobs that can earn you a full-time income

You can find millions of freelancers all around the world now, or people on the verge of landing the best paying freelance jobs. The number of freelancers continues to grow day by day and success from home is something a lot of us aim at. There’s a high demand from companies to work with freelancers […]

100 Pinterest group boards you MUST join

How to join group boards on Pinterest? You must know, that Pinterest is one of the best platforms to grow traffic on your website. If you’re using it the right way, it can bring you even more traffic than the search engines! One of the most important parts of growing on Pinterest, and with that, […]

15 Essential WordPress Plugins that you need

If you’re just about to start a blog using WordPress, I bet you feel pretty much overwhelmed! Hopefully, I can help you today with that by sharing with you a list of essential plugins for WordPress that you must have. Why should you use one or a few of the most essential WordPress plugins I’m […]

How to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest?

There are so many guides and articles published about growing your blog traffic with Pinterest. However, even if I was reading through all of them, I made the exact same mistakes as if I wouldn’t read them at all. This is the reason that I decided to share my knowledge and experience on how to […]

The ultimate guide on: How to start a blog in 6 steps?

So you’re planning on starting a blog and you’re feeling confused about all the things you’ll need to do? You’re wondering how to do it right? Here’s my ultimate guide on how to start a blog from scratch in 6 steps! I started my travel blog, ShegoWandering in 2018, but I actually bought my domain […]

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