Month: May 2020

3-Day Itinerary to Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is definitely one of the best city break destinations in Europe. The diversity of the activities you can explore around the city is making it an amazing destination for everybody. One of the most alluring metropolises on the European continent, with beautiful beaches, romantic streets, vibrant lifestyle, and art. So much art! Read my […]

Hidden Gems in Rome, Italy – 7 tips from a Tour Guide

The city of Rome is like a museum, and it is a pretty large museum. Datin from the times of the Roman Empire, through the Renaissance, the Catalog Church, and 2000 years of influence have created this museum we call Rome. Between those many-many things you can see, there are some hidden gems in Rome, […]

3 Perfect days in Seville – Itinerary

Seville is the city of oranges, the city where the sun is always shining, and the guitar is always played. It definitely is the most fascinating city I’ve so far seen in Spain. So, how to plan your visit to the orange city? See my detailed Seville 3 days itinerary with pictures to show what […]

Capitola Watches – A sprinkle of Spanish glam for every day

The Capitola Watches are a part of my daily outfits since 2017. I have found the brand randomly on Social Media, and I’m so happy that I did! When I’ve noticed that the company is actually from Spain, I straight away decided to get my first Capitola Watch. If you’re new on my blog, you […]

Are you looking for the perfect remote health insurance?

We’ve been already discussing SafetyWing’s nomad insurance, which is a really great travel medical insurance. I decided to review the Remote Health as well because it’s one of the health insurance for freelancers and expats on the market. Remote Health from SafetyWing is also great for remote work teams, and remote workers, which now is […]

My favorite travel stories of 2017 – What I learned this year?

The best travel stories are usually the weirdest ones. At least that’s how it is with me! Those when you felt the worse, lost, and hated what you’re doing. The other option is that something so beautiful happened to you, that every time you think back, you can’t help but smile. Each one has always […]

Looking for Travel Medical Insurance? The best for nomads

You’re feeling lost between the many options of travel medical insurance? I know, I’ve been there! Travel medical insurance is something we all need while we’re roaming around the world and it’s really important to make great decisions on our insurance pick! Here’s an international travel insurance review for a brand I always choose for […]

50 Inspiring quotes about Italy – with pictures

Thousands and thousands of poems, novels, and songs were written about Italy. This amazing country has always been an inspiration on its own. Italy gifted us with some of the most amazing pieces of art, literature, and architecture for centuries! And it continues to do so! We love Italy for its colors, flavors, music, sunshine, […]

20 Best Travel Movies – a list that you ladies will love!

History and travel movies/books were my favorites since I was a kid. Once on an expedition with Jules Verne, searching for gold in Alaska. Other times I was walking on the streets of Paris with Alexander Dumas, during the French Revolution in the 18th century. The same applied to travel movies. Every time I’ve seen […]

35 Inspiring Travel Quotes – with pictures

Since I remember, I’ve been searching for inspiring travel quotes on the internet, for inspiration to my posts, stories on social media. Also for myself, to be inspired to travel, or to write about it. Especially when I couldn’t travel… Traveling is the most amazing activity you can do to expand your horizon, explore, and […]

10 Best Capital Cities in Europe for solo female travelers

Have you ever wondered what the best capital cities in Europe for solo female travelers are? It’s sometimes hard to find the best solo female travel destinations around Europe. The beauty of the continent is in the diversity of cultures, on a relatively small territory. Any country you visit you’ll never see the same style, […]

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