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10 tips to travel alone to Berlin

Berlin is my second favorite city in Europe. I have visited Berlin twice, once on a school trip in high school and the second time alone before covid. It is important to mention this as everything was more accessible than it is now, however, don’t let that discourage you from going even now. Berlin for […]

What is Couchsurfing? A Complete Guide

When somebody’s ready to transform their dreams into actions, they start their pre-journey process by accepting what are the impediments they are going to deal with. Then, they do their research and realize that the essential thing in their process is deciding how to find people. This leads to the overall question often asked after […]

10 tips to travel alone to Prague

Today we travel to the “City of Hundred Spires” or otherwise also known as the “Golden City”. Prague is one of the most visited capitals in Europe, attracting over 8 million tourists a year. But why is Prague so popular? If you love history and beautiful buildings this is the destination for you. Prague is […]

How to take pictures when you’re traveling alone?

After receiving this question so many times from family, friends, and Social Media followers, I decided to share my little secret, and with that, answer your question! How to take pictures when traveling alone? People tend to think around me, that whenever I’m going somewhere, I always go with somebody, and that somebody is taking […]

Ladies! 12 Travel essentials you can’t leave home!

Traveling can be done really simple, or full of headaches. My philosophy is to prepare for as many potential problems as possible, therefore make the most out of my trips! There are many aspects to pay attention to if you want to make this happen! But the first steps are always those travel accessories! With […]

My British journey – 2 years in England

So, if you’ve been following me on Instagram, or reading my blog frequently, you know, that I’ve been living in England between 2018-2020. This journey was unexpected, unplanned, and definitely unwanted! But it was necessary, and it helped me a lot to evolve in ways I couldn’t if I don’t move there. Let’s see the […]

5 facts about solo female traveling you didn’t know!

Solo female traveling is getting more and more popular every year. No wonder why – a good ol’ solo female travel has many perks. First of all, it is definitely an amazing challenge. Women traveling alone have proven to be more successful, happy, and simply complete. It does make sense. Traveling alone brings us closer […]

Meeting other solo travelers – Experience in Malaga

I met a Sevillan friend while I was living in England, and he kept showing and telling me about the beautiful places in Andalusia. All the places to see, music, dance, art, architecture, FOOTBALL, everything. I fall in love with all of it, and I have decided to visit! At the time, when I planned […]

Looking for Travel Medical Insurance? The best for nomads

You’re feeling lost between the many options of travel medical insurance? I know, I’ve been there! Travel medical insurance is something we all need while we’re roaming around the world and it’s really important to make great decisions on our insurance pick! Here’s an international travel insurance review for a brand I always choose for […]

10 Best Capital Cities in Europe for solo female travelers

Have you ever wondered what the best capital cities in Europe for solo female travelers are? It’s sometimes hard to find the best solo female travel destinations around Europe. The beauty of the continent is in the diversity of cultures, on a relatively small territory. Any country you visit you’ll never see the same style, […]

30 Reasons why traveling alone is AWESOME

There are many reasons why traveling alone is an awesome experience! Traveling alone changed my life literally upside down. It brought me to life. For many years, I felt lost, searching for my “destiny” and as it turned out, my trips were the ones that actually gave me the answers I’ve been searching for. Traveling […]

Are you afraid of traveling alone? A guide for first-timers

Traveling alone is getting more and more popular especially in women circles. As you’re reading this, I must pop the question. Are you afraid of traveling alone? Here are some tips for traveling alone as a woman! I’m traveling solo since I turned 18, but mostly it was to Budapest in the beginning. However, since […]

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