10 categories of Kitchen Essentials for cooking lovers

As I’m almost as active with the travel topics as with recipe writing, I feel that it’s just fair if cooking has also a place on my website. In this post, I have listed 10 types of kitchen essentials that you must own if you love to cook! After long and thorough research on, […]

Best cookbooks for different types of recipes and diets

There was a time when home-cooking started to be less and less appreciated. However thanks to the circumstances in 2020, things started to change. We started to appreciate more the homemade, and let our creativity unfold in the kitchen. Cooking is trendy again, and it’s something that can be much appreciated. In this post, you […]

5 traditional Italian easy pasta recipes

We all love Italian pasta dishes right? The simplicity, the amazing taste, and the perfection that comes with them… Every bite brings you to heaven and back! I’m sharing from my cookbook now 5 Italian pasta recipes, that you can make easily at home, no matter which side of the world you’re living on! Find […]

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