10 categories of Kitchen Essentials for cooking lovers

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As I’m almost as active with the travel topics as with recipe writing, I feel that it’s just fair if cooking has also a place on my website. In this post, I have listed 10 types of kitchen essentials that you must own if you love to cook!

After long and thorough research on Amazon.com, I’ve created a list of all kitchen essential categories that you must see. You’ll also find pictures of kitchen supplies numbered, to make it easy for you to find the link for those that you like. Get the cooking essentials, and tableware items that are needed for amazing dinners, and fulfilling cooking.

If you love cooking, you might also want your kitchen to have the best pieces. Are you someone passionate about Italian kitchen? Spanish kitchen? Maybe Keto or Vegan? For the beautiful servings, and great cooking experience, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing a salad or a chicken alfredo, you should have the right kitchen essentials!

#1 Plate sets

Dinner and tableware essentials first listing: plate sets. I’ve chosen the highest rated, most beautifully designed sets of plates for you to choose from!

  1. Gianna’s Blue dinnerware set of 12

2. AmazonBasics Stoneware dinnerware set of 18

3. AmazonBasics Grey Glaze with Rustic Edge dinnerware set of 12

4. Gibson Elite Soho Lounge dinnerwear set of 16

5. AmazonBasics Melamine dinnerwear set of 12

6. Melamine Turquoise dinnerware set of 12

7. Melamine Colorful dinnerware Set 12

8. Light Turquoise dinnerware Set of 4-12

9. Wood Grain dinnerware set of 12

10. Gianna’s Home Red dinnerwear set of 12

11. Godinger Silver Art Gold and Black dinnerwear set of 4

12. California Palm dinnerware set of 12

#2 Bowls

Second category of kitchen essentials are the bowls. At this one, I kept the list shorter, but I hope you can find what you’re looking for!

  1. Set of 6 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

2. 100 Years Glass Mixing Bowl Set

3. Plastic Mixing Bowls with Lids – set of 6 bowls

4. Vollrath 8-Quart Economy Mixing Bow

#3 Must-have kitchen Knifes

Knifes are the most important kitchen essentials. You know, that without proper knifes cooking becomes more as a problem than an enjoyable activity.

  1. UltraSource Boning Knife

2. Bread Knife Ultra-Sharp Stainless Steel Professional Grade Bread Cutter –

3.Stainless Steel Cake Knife

4. Metal Icing Spatula set

5. Super Sharp Titanium Plated Chef’s Knife with Finger Guard

6. Steak Knives set of 6

7. Soft Grip Fillet / Single Stage Sharpener / Sheath

8. Magnetic Knife Holder

9. In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block Holds 16 Knives

10. Steak Knives set of 6

#4 Oven-proof items

  1. 4 Quart Cast-Iron Braiser with Stainless Steel Knob

2. Gradient red Iron Casserole Braiser

3. Set of 4 Oval Au Gratin Baking Dishes

4. Rectangular Casserole Dish Set of 3

5. Blue ceramic Baking Dish Set

6. Stoneware Covered Rectangular Casserole

7. 9-inch Spring Form Pan

8. Carbon Steel Baking Bread Pan

9. Non-Stick Tart Pan

10. Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Pizza and Baking Pan

11. Porcelain Ramekins, set of 6

12. Porcelain ramekins set of 8

#5 Pots and pans

  1. Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet 2-piece set

2. Kitchen counter and cabinet pan organizer

3. Set of 3 nonstick pans

4. Carbon steel Wok

#6 Kitchen appliances that you need

Small appliances are probably the most important kitchen essentials, if you want to make your time in the kitchen easier and quicker. Obviously it’s not just for that, but also to have those kitchen supplies that give pleasure, such as the coffee machines. Not to forget the healthy lifestyle essentials, such as smoothie makers and juice makers.

  1. French Press Coffee Maker

2. Electric Fondue Maker

3. Handheld Foam Maker for Lattes

4. Coffee Maker, single-serve Latte and Cappuccino Maker

5. Single-serve K-cup pod coffee brewer

6. Glass electric kettle

7. Food Thermometer for Grill and Cooking

8. 2-in-1 kitchen knife sharpener

9. NutriBullet Smoothie maker

10. Blender with total crushing technology

11. Electric indoor searing grill

12. Portable induction cooktop burner

13. Electric griddle for pancakes, burgers, quesadillas, eggs & other

14. Citrus juicer machine and squeezer

15. Juicer machine

16. Microwave oven

17. Multi-speed hand mixer

18. Compact stand mixer

#8 Dining table accessories

Golden flatwares are the new trend, and it’s no question why. They are beautiful, and they help us create beautiful tableware decoration for those big dinner nights with friends and family.

  1. 20-Piece gold plated-flatware set

2. Matte silverware set, 20-piece

3. White Gold flatware of 20 piece

4. 40 pieces silverware set

5. Matte gold silverware set of 5 pieces

#9 Kitchen storage

kitchen essentials

1. Butter Dish With Lid

2. 4-piece superior glass food containers set

3. Food storage containers set of 7 pieces

4. Chrome-plated steel small dish drainer

5. Food storage containers with Lids

6. Set of 8 Pantry organizers

7. Food storage 24-piece with plastic lids

#10 Drinks & Glasses

[etsy-shop shop_name=”GAELBoutiqueCo” section_id=”32066568″]

Glasses are not kitchen essentials, but they are essential. If you love wines, then you’d must definitely check out this list to find the matching glasses for different types of wines, and not just!

  1. Moscow Mule mug set of 8 pieces

2. Stemless wine glasses for red or white wine

3. Unusual wine glass set of 4

4. Coffee mug set of 6

5. Italian red wine glass set of 4

6. Gold glitter plastic champagne glass set of 30

6. Yorktend “Not a day over Fabulous” gift set

2. Crystal Whiskey glass set of 2

3. Red wine glass set of 4

4. Before Patients, After Patients coffee mug and glass set

5. Crystal Burgundy wine glass set of 2

6. Crystal white wine glass set of 4

7. Crystal champagne glass set of 4

8. Wine opener

9. I Like His Beard, I Like Her Butt couples’ coffee mug Set

With a collection of different types of kitchen supplies and table wear that you must own, I hope you’ve found what you’ve been looking for in this listing. I tried to include all kitchen essentials that you might be interested in. Let’s not stop here, and go ahead and check out my recommended list of cookbooks for different types of recipes and diets. You can also check out the post with 5 traditional Italian pasta dishes, and learn how to make them.

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10 categories of Kitchen Essentials for cooking lovers

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