Month: January 2021

5 things to do in Coney Island, New York

Visiting New York has been a big dream of mine since childhood! I imagined myself walking down the 5th Ave every day, stopping a taxi on the crowded streets, and admiring the Empire State Building every day. In the summer of 2018, I finally visited New York City for the first time and spent almost […]

8 high paying freelance jobs that can earn you a full-time income

You can find millions of freelancers all around the world now, or people on the verge of landing the best paying freelance jobs. The number of freelancers continues to grow day by day and success from home is something a lot of us aim at. There’s a high demand from companies to work with freelancers […]

100 Pinterest group boards you MUST join

How to join group boards on Pinterest? You must know, that Pinterest is one of the best platforms to grow traffic on your website. If you’re using it the right way, it can bring you even more traffic than the search engines! One of the most important parts of growing on Pinterest, and with that, […]

15 Essential WordPress Plugins that you need

If you’re just about to start a blog using WordPress, I bet you feel pretty much overwhelmed! Hopefully, I can help you today with that by sharing with you a list of essential plugins for WordPress that you must have. Why should you use one or a few of the most essential WordPress plugins I’m […]

The Best Gifts for Women under $50 – Affordable Gift Ideas

It’s always really hard to find the best gifts for women under $50, right? I should know. First of all, I am a woman, and I have many around me from friends to close family. It’s kind of tricky to pick the best gits for women under 50 that can double as great life inspiration. […]

Home Office Inspiration

I’ve decided to bring you a home office inspiration blog today. Why? Because having a proper office at home is one of the most important elements to your success as a freelancer. Home office decor ideas are pretty easy to come by, but it can be a bit tricky to find exactly what you’re looking […]

Complete travel guide to Emilia-Romagna region, Italy

The Italian Food Valley. That’s how the region of Emilia Romagna is called. It’s a statement that I must confirm it’s absolutely true! And I’m not saying this, because I’ve visited it once or twice, but because I live here too now! Emilia-Romagna, Italy is one of the most stunning regions in the country, with […]

How to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest?

There are so many guides and articles published about growing your blog traffic with Pinterest. However, even if I was reading through all of them, I made the exact same mistakes as if I wouldn’t read them at all. This is the reason that I decided to share my knowledge and experience on how to […]

20 Italian towns for a perfect vacation in Italy

There are more amazing towns to visit in Italy than you would ever think. It would be very hard to choose the best Italian old town. After all, the best small towns in Italy all have their own personality. Discover the ultimate list of 20 perfect towns to visit in Italy for your next trip. […]

Redesign Your Home – Living Room Inspiration

Finding living room inspiration is something I love doing. Why? Because it makes me one of the happiest people in the world to see that I have put to good use inspiration living room ideas. I’ve put careful thought into each and every item I have purchased and put together to create an atmosphere. The […]

Home Decoration – Style and Decor inspiration

Do you ever wonder why so many people love to search for modern home decor ideas? Because our homes must be happy places! It’s almost a science in my opinion – if you find amazing rustic home decor ideas, or even boho home decor ideas if you’re more of a free-minded person, you will be […]

Italian Cities – 16 Cities to Visit in Italy

Discover the ultimate Italy bucket list, with great city recommendations for all around this beautiful country. This post includes larger cities, but also includes the city-state of San Marino, and a couple of smaller towns that are way too important to be missed out from this list of 16 Italian cities to visit! Discover the […]

Rule of Mussolini in Italy – Fascism in Italy

The rule of Mussolini is a topic that’s really sensitive among the Italians. But now, we’re looking at the facts. What happened in Italy between 1922 and 1945? How did Italian Fascism rise and fall? You can learn about how did Mussolini come to power, the rule of Mussolini, Fascist Italy, and how did Mussolini […]

10 categories of Kitchen Essentials for cooking lovers

As I’m almost as active with the travel topics as with recipe writing, I feel that it’s just fair if cooking has also a place on my website. In this post, I have listed 10 types of kitchen essentials that you must own if you love to cook! After long and thorough research on, […]

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