Month: March 2021

How to Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the most popular conversion rate optimization software in the market, and also an essential WordPress plugin. It allows you to convert abandoning website visitors into email subscribers and customers. This WordPress plugin and application helps you get more email subscribers and sales, fast. But what are smart tags? And how to use Optinmonster google […]

How To use lead source tracking in Google Analytics

Keeping track of your website analytics, and measuring your progress is essential when you’re running a business. Before we get to speak about how you can use lead source tracking in Google Analytics, let’s see what WordPress plugin you need for it! Monsterinsights plugin MonsterInsights is the most popular and probably one of the best Google […]

How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier

Each and every website and blog needs a contact form that makes it easy for visitors to reach you. WPForms is definitely the most popular, and most user-friendly WordPress plugin you should use. Now here’s the question! How to make your life easier by using WPForms and Zapier addon together? Here’s a quick guide for […]

Fascism in Italy

How was life during Fascist Italy? We’ve already discussed the Italian fascist dictator and the rule of Mussolini, but now let’s learn a bit more about everyday life in Italy during the fascism and the fascist dictatorship of Mussolini. How did Italians live in fascism, insights, and fun facts about this period between 1922-1945. Life […]

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