Month: November 2021

10 tips to travel alone to Berlin

Berlin is my second favorite city in Europe. I have visited Berlin twice, once on a school trip in high school and the second time alone before covid. It is important to mention this as everything was more accessible than it is now, however, don’t let that discourage you from going even now. Berlin for […]

What is Couchsurfing? A Complete Guide

When somebody’s ready to transform their dreams into actions, they start their pre-journey process by accepting what are the impediments they are going to deal with. Then, they do their research and realize that the essential thing in their process is deciding how to find people. This leads to the overall question often asked after […]

5 Tips for using eSim in Europe – What is an eSim?

You’ve got a bucket list with many beautiful places in Europe, and you’ve got to sort out everything from tickets, accommodation, insurance, and activities? What about your mobile data access though? We all faced during our travels that annoying issue when our sim card’s Roaming doesn’t work in another country and finding Wifi is merely […]

Ichnusa Beer – The Beer from Sardinia

A very successful spot and of strong impact on the Italian beer Ichnusa, a beer from Sardinia. The Ichnusa is one of the most popular beers in Italy, especially in the northern regions. Learn with this post a bit about Italian Ichnusa beer, where to find Ichnusa, where to buy Ichnusa beer, the story, and more! […]

10 tips to travel alone to Prague

Today we travel to the “City of Hundred Spires” or otherwise also known as the “Golden City”. Prague is one of the most visited capitals in Europe, attracting over 8 million tourists a year. But why is Prague so popular? If you love history and beautiful buildings this is the destination for you. Prague is […]

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