Month: March 2020

6 Italian habits we love – Learn about Italy

There are many things I’ve learned during the time I’ve spent in Italy in the past 5 years. I had the chance and pleasure to discover many amazing things about people and their culture. Since I’m living in Italy, I’ve got to learn even more, and now I’ll share some of the top things we […]

Budapest in 20 photos – Visit Hungary

#1 The breathtaking Hungarian Parliament building #2 Wandering in Budapest like… #3 What about the St Stephan’s Basilica and square? #4 Vajdahunyad castle – architecture from all around Hungary in one complex #5 Heroes’ square #6 Exploring the courtyard of Vajdahunyad Castle #7 Architecture masterpieces downtown #8 Fisherman’s Bastion from the side of the Danube […]

10 Beautiful Squares in Rome to Visit

Rome… There’s so much to explore in the capital city of Italy! Two millenniums of history, art, and a vibrant culture compressed in one amazing city. I’ve been sharing lists of streets, neighborhoods, landmarks in Rome already, and this time I’m going to share with you the 10 most famous squares in Rome, Italy, one […]

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