Month: June 2020

Travel guide to Granada, Spain

Granada was part of an Andalusian round trip in 2019. This town is a must-visit place in South of Spain, with the beautiful, authentic old town on top of the hill, looking over to the amazing Arabic castle, the Alhambra. Prepare for an unforgettable experience with this travel guide to Granada! Granada travel guide Granada […]

The Ultimate 20 History Inspired TV Shows

While I’ve been working on this list of the ultimate 20 history inspired tv show, I realized something. I watched already so many series just in the history category! As somebody who loves history, who has also been a history major at university, I just couldn’t handle myself. I had to watch them all! Another […]

Granada – Feeding my soul with guitar play

Granada is one of the most beautiful towns in Andalusia, Spain. The old town is in a valley, where on one side you can see the breathtaking Moorish palace, the Alhambra, overtopping the city. On the other side, the authentic, Andalusian white old town, Albaicin, where you can fall in love with the authenticity of […]

The ultimate guide on: How to start a blog in 6 steps?

So you’re planning on starting a blog and you’re feeling confused about all the things you’ll need to do? You’re wondering how to do it right? Here’s my ultimate guide on how to start a blog from scratch in 6 steps! I started my travel blog, ShegoWandering in 2018, but I actually bought my domain […]

Meeting other solo travelers – Experience in Malaga

I met a Sevillan friend while I was living in England, and he kept showing and telling me about the beautiful places in Andalusia. All the places to see, music, dance, art, architecture, FOOTBALL, everything. I fall in love with all of it, and I have decided to visit! At the time, when I planned […]

How to use Adobe Lightroom Presets? A guide for beginners

Lightroom is a post-processing and organizing photo editing software, coming from the Adobe software family. It’s been a long journey together, with many ups and downs, angry moments, and fights. But we made it through, and today I’m going to show you how to use Adobe Lightroom if you’ve never done it before! This Adobe […]

8 Spritz and Cocktails from Around the World

Trying drinks and food around the world is the best way to discover other countries. If for nothing else, but to awaken your senses with delicious new tastes. Just as with specific dishes are associated with countries, some well-known drinks too. Here’s a list of 8 cocktails from around the world, to fulfill your wanderlust, […]

Rome Photo Gallery – Colors of the Eternal City

When we think about Rome, and Italy in particular, there’s no way we could imagine it without the sun, the warm colors, and the beautiful architecture. My imagination reflects on my pictures. The reason I’m creating and using my own Lightroom presets, is because there’s nobody else who could create the colors and lights that […]

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