Month: January 2020

12 photos about Andalucia, Spain ShegoWandering

Spain is one of those countries I chose to focus on ShegoWandering. There are no perfect words to describe how beautiful Andalucia is! One of the most fabulous, vibrant and authentic places I’ve ever been to. I’m bringing you my favorite Andalucia photos from my trip in 2019. The travel itinerary was quite crowded, as […]

30 Reasons why traveling alone is AWESOME

There are many reasons why traveling alone is an awesome experience! Traveling alone changed my life literally upside down. It brought me to life. For many years, I felt lost, searching for my “destiny” and as it turned out, my trips were the ones that actually gave me the answers I’ve been searching for. Traveling […]

25 inspiring photos from Seville, Spain

Seville is that colorful, authentic, and vibrant place you always imagined when you thought about Spain, but didn’t know where to find all this together! The capital city of Andalusia is unquestionably one of the most amazing destinations in Spain! Just think about the Royal Alcazar of Seville! My photo gallery of all the things […]

22 Things to do in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest was my favorite city since I was a little girl. Being a Hungarian myself, well, it’s an addition to why I love it so much! There are so many things to do in Budapest that it won’t even fit in one article! I’ve been in Budapest numerous times, and also lived there for about […]

10 historical tv series about Italy and the Roman Empire

Do you love indulging in history as I do? Are you looking for Rome tv series or other Roman Empire tv series? Are you looking for shows like Spartacus on Netflix? Watching the best historical tv-series is always great to travel back in time, and imagine how life was at that time. If you’re here, […]

Where to eat in Rome? 4 Restaurants near Piazza Navona

Where to eat in Rome? That’s one of the first questions we’re asking every time when we visit, right? We want to try new dishes, traditional dishes, specialties. Basically, we want the best restaurants to try! I know, and the reason I wrote this article is to share my favorite restaurants in Rome, that I […]

10 movies to see before visiting Italy

Italy is a dream. The beautiful cities and charming towns, breathtaking landscapes, vineyards, architecture, history, culture, and food… Everything that meant Italy inspires many of us, as well as it inspired many amazing movies over the decades. With that said, it’s really difficult to choose the 10 actual best movies set in Italy, since every […]

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