30 Reasons why traveling alone is AWESOME

why you should travel alone
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There are many reasons why traveling alone is an awesome experience! Traveling alone changed my life literally upside down. It brought me to life. For many years, I felt lost, searching for my “destiny” and as it turned out, my trips were the ones that actually gave me the answers I’ve been searching for. Traveling alone was the biggest, and the best adventure I’ve ever headed on! So here are 30, not 10 reasons to travel alone, but 30!

I borrowed J.R.R. Tolkien’s words and started using it kind of as a slogan because these few words describe perfectly how I feel about this topic:

“Not all those who wander are lost!”

If I would have a pound for each time I’ve been questioned about why I’m traveling so much and especially why alone, I would now be living in a villa, sipping cocktail near my pool. There are so many reasons to travel alone!

Why you should travel alone? Check these 30 reasons to travel alone!

reasons to travel alone

Traveling alone changed me in so many ways, and I do feel that I have become a much better person since I’ve first gone on a trip alone. I also know that I have developed in countless ways, and I know that I’ve never been happier! The way I live my life is something I fought for, something I’ve dreamed of, something that’s really who I am. I need the new, the new experience, the knowledge, the different vibes, to explore. If you’re asking yourself am I ready to travel alone? then check out everything underneath, and ask yourself this question again!

Traveling alone doesn’t mean you’re running away

I never traveled and never moved because I was running from something. I was always running towards something! Chasing dreams and adventures isn’t a BAD thing, no matter what they say! It’s not unhealthy, it’s not paranormal, and it definitely doesn’t make you dumb or crazy! Traveling is the only thing that – in my opinion – can really make people feel alive! That can help you find yourself, and what you want to do with your life. Still, asking why you should travel alone?

The top 30 reasons to travel alone!

why you should travel alone

#1 You got to do whatever and whenever YOU fancy to do!

#2 You will learn patience and you’ll become more peaceful as well.

#3 At some point, you can become a real cosmopolitan! Feeling like being at home in every country is the most liberating, and comforting feeling ever! Then, respecting and following the culture you’re visiting at that moment will become normal. You’ll seak to act and do as locals do.

#4 You can eat literally anywhere you want, whenever you feel like it!

#5 The chance to travel deeper, explore more and, live in the moment!

#6 More opportunities to meet locals and other travelers.

#7 If you’ve been traveling for a very long time, frequently, it will become normal to always have at home Parmesan you brought from Italy, lamps from Morocco, spices from the Emirates, etc.

#8 You can be more spontaneous!

#9 You’ll meet people like you! And the most amazing in that you can create unforgettable memories and adventures with new friends from all around the world.

#10 You’ll become an expert in sort everything out on your own. You’ll stop depending on anyone else, but you!

Another 10 reasons to travel alone:

why you should travel alone

#11 Traveling alone makes you feel more proud of yourself after each obstacle you’ll overcome.

#12 You’ll become more and more open to the world!

#13 You’ll become friendlier and more open to talking to other people.

#14 Self-discovery – there’s no better pill for it than traveling to new places all by yourself!

#15 You will learn to put yourself out there – a.k.a. you become more confident.

#16 It will teach you about independence.

#17 You’ll develop a lot in decision-making and planning. What about problem-solving? Nah, a problem becomes the simplicity itself.

#18 Overcoming those nasty fears we have and becoming stronger trip after trip.

#19 You’ll find that deep connection with yourself – and you’ll start knowing yourself, understanding, and also loving yourself more!

And my last 10 reasons to travel alone

reasons to travel alone

#20 Something I learned not so long ago: Be grateful for everything you have, and all the good things you get!

#21 You will get into the unknown without problems, you’ll become braver + very cautious, but in a greater way!

#22 More travel brings more self-esteem that gives you the ability to stand up for yourself in any situation in life.

#23 You will develop a greater love and understanding of nature and the world itself.

#24 You’ll not care anymore about stereotypes and labels!

#25 You will learn/develop in accepting and seeing people as humans and you’ll stop caring and judging based on nationalities, culture, religion or political status.

#26 You will learn! Maybe a new language, or about a new culture or even a specific dish… But you will be always learning when you’re traveling.


#28 You will become more focused and ambitious.

#29 You will never see life the same way as before!

#30 When it becomes an addiction (simply just part of your life): You will always want more, and you will go for it!


Wrapping up the reasons to travel alone

You might have your own reasons as well why you should travel alone, and that’s fine! You might still ask you am I ready to travel alone? And if so, the only good advice I can give you is what I give to everyone, friend, family or stranger when they ask me the reason to travel solo:

Baby steps! Start with a walk alone in your city. Then, go visit a nearby city or town where you’ve already been with others. If you’re doing it step by step, traveling alone won’t feel terrifying anymore. If you feel like the other side of the world is too much for a first-time solo trip, then just don’t start with that. Get comfortable first in nearby areas, then maybe a country where you’ve already been, and slowly get yourself into the new places as well. It might seem like I’m over the moon about the topic, but I was scared first too. Then, I decided to keep re-visiting the same place alone more times (Rome), until I’ve got comfortable doing some day trips as well while I was there. And slowly, I visited practically 60% of Italy.

Some places where I have traveled alone, to some even multiple times are Rome, Milan, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany – Siena, Florence, Bologna, Verona, Seville, Malaga, Budapest, New York.

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30 Reasons why traveling alone is AWESOME

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7 thoughts on “30 Reasons why traveling alone is AWESOME

  1. #7 is one of my favorites! I love bringing unique souvenirs I´d actually use and enjoy, like teas, spices, decor … so when I have a bad day I just cook a Mirocco-inpired meal with those spices and it brings back all the memories of adventures experienced through travelling!

  2. I LOVE traveling alone. Totally agree about it giving you better self-esteem and feeling braver. I absolutely feel that way ?

  3. Traveling alone has taught me so much about myself and what I’m capable of. I can’t imagine never having visited the places I’ve been just because I didn’t have anyone to go with at the time. Everyone should travel at least once by themself

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