Rome, the Eternal City

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Rome had a great influence on me. ShegoWandering wouldn’t exist if in 2015 I wouldn’t have the time of my life in the capital city of Italy. This blog started by my love and inspiration of Rome, the way that the Eternal City has changed my life. Five year later, now I’m living in Italy, covering as many places as possible with ShegoWandering Italy travel blog. This most serves as a resource, and an inspiration for my one true love, the most visited destination in Italy, Rome, the Eternal City!

Rome and Me

Rome has been on my bucket list since I first heard about it in history classes. In 2010 my mother and I decided to visit it together as we were both really curious about Rome, the Eternal City! However, even if we’ve been planning that trip together, we still didn’t manage to do it together…

solo travel blog

In 2015 I organize a trip to Rome with my high school best friend, and this trip has changed my life! Since 2015 I had been questioned many times, what is in Rome that I love so much? Many people thought it’s because of an Italian man (no!). Many thought I’m just crazy because I visited this city 9 times in 4 years, but they still didn’t understand why? Yes, I might be crazy, but Rome had magic and an amazing influence on me, that just made, and still makes me want to go back from time to time.

Until 2015 I never went abroad just by myself. When I went first time to Rome, I was meeting my friend there, as she was an Erasmus student at that time in Italy. It was my first flight alone.

Rome trapped my heart from the first second I stepped off the bus at Termini train station! And thanks to this city, my travel passion evolved and evolved, and then I started a blog, and I worked another 2 years on my photography skills too, and suddenly, 5 years later, I became a travel blogger focusing on Italy.

Not all those who wander are lost.

If Rome doesn’t pop in, by this time I would possibly be a happily married history teacher living in my countryside home with 10 dogs. But instead, I chose a wilder, adventuress (yes, more lonely), and colorful road that took me to places and developed me by experiences I am incredibly grateful for!

Rome made me learn the Italian language (on my own). The Eternal City made me become the person I am today. Actually, Rome also made me to move to Italy in 2020. I will always be thankful for this, and for myself, for taking the courage and getting on that plane the first time alone!

Rome, the 2000 years old tourist magnet

Imagine now that you need to make a collage about 100+ different historical buildings, beautiful pieces of art, vibrant streets, and great food. What if I say, that you can get that all covered in just one city? Yes, that city is Rome!

The place where you can find anything and everything! If you’re interested in ancient buildings, streets, ruins, or you’re interested in the renaissance masterpieces, breathtaking fountains, or you want to enjoy the sun while walking down the cobblestoned colorful Italian streets, doesn’t matter! There are plenty of things to discover!

Doesn’t matter if you want to savor the insane Italian culinary, discover the Italian food and drink culture, or taste some great wine. Or if you want to party around all night in a really vibrant neighborhood, the list is never-ending! You are a fashion fanatic and you want to do some shopping? Or you’re looking to re-live a romantic scenery from a movie? You might love to meditate and you’re looking for a place that’s full of positive energy? To sit on hights and admire the city? Or you are a Christian (and not just!) individual who wants to visit the Vatican and learn more about the Catholic church? There is literally something to do for everyone!

Also, if you’re running on a lower budget, or just simply don’t want to visit paid landmarks, there are so many free things you can do in Rome! Check them out!

Thanks to its long history, the roman and Italian architecture and art, and the Italian traditions, Rome is the place that’s really overloaded with everything you desire to see, try or experience! This is the reason why the city is hosting yearly over 4,2 million of tourists.

When to visit Rome?

Honestly, there’s no right time to visit Rome! I’ve been there in all 4 seasons, and couldn’t decide when was the best. This is really something that you need to decide on your own! If you love the breeze, you are not that into the vibrant, hot summer vacations, and you’re fine walking and discovering the city during the cold months, feel free to choose this time. If you are craving for sun, vibes, parties and a city overloaded with tvisitors, the summer is definitely for you!

Obviously, during the colder months, you can’t really sit outside while enjoying a delicious Italian dish, or a glass of wine, and in the heat, you won’t be able to walk around for too long as Rome is really, really hot in the summer… But both options are great, depending on personalities.

If you’re asking me, I definitely vote for early autumn, mid-late springtime. I love hot weather, but during the summer I rather discover the towns and cities in Italy that take less time for sightseeing and more time for the beach.

During my preferred periods I think the weather is perfect for Rome, the temperature varying between 20-25 degrees, which is warm enough for that dish and wine to be consumed outside, but cold enough to walk around the city without sweating and hiding in the shadows.

The Eternal City in Pictures

Just a few of my favorites…

I want to show you some parts of Rome I really love, but if you’d like to get more information, keep scrolling, as next, you’ll find my article directory.

Trastevere Rome

ShegoWandering Rome directory

I still have so many unpublished articles about the Eternal City, but if you subscribe to my newsletters, you will be notified every time a new article is up! There are some great topics coming up!

Have a look at the below list, these are the published articles about Rome! Take a few minutes, and discover the beautiful Italian capital, that trapped my heart and never let go!

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Book inspiration

the last carriage - alex j milan

The Last Carriage is a captivating and moving story about loss, identity and the search for truth, that’s set in a beautiful Italian scene. A story about a 7 year old boy who’s been taken away from his hometown, Rome, grown up in England, and after the loss of his wife, returning to find his roots. A great book to inspire you while you’re getting ready for your trip in Rome. You can also find it on Amazon!

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Rome, the Eternal City

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  1. I love this post, which gives me such an easy way to read more topics!

  2. I love this post so much! Your enthusiasm for Rome just oozes through your words and photos!

  3. Rome is amazing! I have been there two times – in late May and late November. Both times are great in their own way. Definitely coming back one day!

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