7 things to do in Positano, Italy

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Positano is an amazing worldwide famous Italian cliffside village on the Amalfi coast. It has the most beautiful streets and buildings covered with different kinds of colorful flowers. In Italian tourism, Positano is one of the most significant spots in Southern Italy. Wondering why? Let’s discover together the top 7 things to do in Positano!

First things first! Obviously, no one wants to visit a seaside village during the cold months, so we should start here. Make sure you also check the best hotels in Positano for your stay!

There best time (also the worse) to visit Positano is between May and September. I mentioned that it’s also the worse time to do so. Why? Well, imagine a small little cliffside village overwhelmed with thousands of tourists every single day. Now, Positano is one of the highlights of an Amalfi Coast itinerary, and here are the best things to do in Positano!

1. Walk around those beautiful narrow streets

However… When you arrive and see this place for yourself, you won’t be too busy dealing with the crowds. You’ll just get used to it fast and you’ll just ignore it as much as possible. Why do I know this will happen? Because this place is way too amazing for our brain to have time to deal with other things. It’s just too much beauty in this place!

Now the first thing that has to be done in Positano is this:

Put away your map, your phone, your book, or whatever that can distract you, and just walk around the colorful, narrow streets. Stop, watch, observe, admire & breathe it all in!

2. Try some amazing Italian food

The second most important you can do and you have to do here is to try some great Italian dishes. We’ve got a list of amazing restaurants in Positano you should try too!

And please, please, please don’t feel bad to ask the waiters if you’re not sure about something! In Italy, if one thing is kept always on top, that’s Hospitality. This has just one reason: Italians love great food and drinks. And let’s admit, their food and drinks are absolutely unique and amazing!

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3. Spend the day on the beach

In my opinion, there’s nothing more perfect to do on a sunny day, than to spend your time on the beaches in Positano. Hands down hikers and mountain lovers! We are in Positano now AND we will get to the hiking as well!

So… At the bottom of the cliffs, the village meets the sea. Positano has a beautiful little beach anyone can visit (its rocky). You can rent a deck chair here, and just enjoy the sun and breeze! Important to mention it here, that Positano has one of the most breathtaking views from the sea!

4. Shopping in Positano

Clothing, ceramics, paintings, souvenirs, limoncello? Anything my lovelies, anything!

The most beautiful, authentic shops, with the most beautiful products are here! My all-time favorites were the ceramic shops. Italian ceramic design and those colorful motives and paintings, especially southern Italian ones are incredible!

5. Visit the church of Santa Maria Assunta

All right, now it’s time to do something more serious, more spiritual, and historical.

The Church of St Maria Assunta in Positano used to be a great example of Medieval art, whose history was deeply bound with the Benedictine monastery of St Maria. According to the legend the monastery was erected in honor of a Byzantine icon representing the Virgin Mary, which is still venerated by the locals. While visiting the village, don’t miss to visit this place!

6. Hiking: Path of the Gods

And we arrived at the part which hikers and adventurers will love! The Path of Gods.

The trail is 7km so depending on your speed you can do it in about 1.5-2 hours or if you wish to stop many times to enjoy the view and maybe take pictures, then obviously will take much longer. Why is this an activity that shouldn’t be missed? Well, imagine hiking past towering limestone mountains and being surrounded by colorful wildflowers while walking. You’ll see abandoned ancient stone houses, and small vineyards and the view of the sea and cliffs will take your breath away. Ready for it?

7. Limoncello for everyone!

According to Italian tradition on this side of the country, a good lunch/dinner must be finished with a glass of delicious limoncello. This reminds me of the same tradition in Hungary, just there it’s not sweet limoncello, it’s palinka (hellfire).

The limoncello is a traditional liquor distilled from the peel of the Amalfi lemons. This drink is produced all around in almost every single town and village along the Amalfi Coast. It’s a special drink, made after an ancient recipe, with an amazing lemon perfume and unique taste.

I’m sorry but I can’t finish this article without sharing my experience! I don’t like at all strong drinks, especially liquors or other hellfire drinks – but as Limoncello is a traditional drink – obviously I had to try it.

Well, I did try it many times, in the hopes of getting to the point where I can say that I do like it – as many others do. But I still couldn’t get any closer to it.

All in all, Positano is a MUST SEE place on the Amalfi Coast! If you want to spend more days here, or you’d like a less crowded nearby town to stay at, that’s your decision! But anyhow, spending at least one day here it’s a must, and it’s something you’ll never forget and never regret!

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7 things to do in Positano, Italy

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