Best neighborhoods in Rome: Navona

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Back in 2015, on my very first evening in Rome, while we were trying to find Piazza Navona we’ve got lost in this neighborhood with my friend.

Thanks to those very confusing little streets, even though we were both keeping an eye on our map, we still got lost, literally in seconds. On the way to find the escape of the labyrinth, we discovered some amazing places in the area! Since this happened, the Navona neighborhood is my favorite in the historic center.

One of the best things about this place is, that it’s located in the middle between all the main attractions – time savvy. Everything you want to visit in Rome can be reached walking within 6-30 minutes. Literally everything!

As it’s a central neighborhood, in this zone are many mid-budget to luxury accommodations to choose from. Usually speaking, accommodation prices are much higher than in Trastevere or other areas.

Food, and more food…

As I mentioned, it’s great to stay in this neighborhood as it’s close to all the main attractions. But I would lie if I say, that this is the reason why my daily walking tours are starting from here.

The real reason is that my favorite bistro is nearby, and they are serving the best cappuccino! Every time I visit Rome since 2015, my first stop in the mornings is always the Bistrot and Wine Bar Pasquino – usually, it’s the last stop as well.

There are four restaurants in the area I really love, and I do visit them frequently. Another one would be the Ristorante Mamma Roma, where the above pizza came from! See all four restaurants reviewed in the below article!



Most of the greatest roman gelaterias (ice cream shops) are in this area! The Ice cRome for example on Via del Governo Vecchio is one of my favorites. If you’re visiting Italy, you’ll want to have ice cream! Believe me, there’s nothing as good as an Italian gelato!

Campo de Fiori

My other favorite spot for drinks and aperitifs is the Campo de’ Fiori, a vibrant square, with the statue of Giordano Bruno standing in the middle of it. It’s surrounded by colorful buildings and many-many restaurants and bars with outdoor seats.

campo de fiori

During the day, the market is open on the Piazza, so if you want to buy some local goodies, this is the perfect place for you! I’m usually doing a part of my Italian cheese shopping here, and back when I was still living at home, I’ve been always buying my great pepperoncini piccanti (hot pepper) seeds here.

In the evenings, while the market is closed, the restaurants are getting busy and the developing atmosphere is amazing! Campo de’Fiori is a very commonplace also for locals to gather with friends for dinner before heading to the clubs.

Nightlife in the Navona neighborhood

As I mentioned above, people are going out with friends/family in the evening for some good chats over dinner and great wine on the side. After dinner time, which is usually between 8-10 pm the nightlife is starting. Bars and pubs get crowded and clubs are filling up slowly.

Most of the big clubs are outside the city center, but there are some significant ones in the center too. Navona is the safest area for clubbing, as it’s very central and the roman police are keeping an eye on this area 24/24. You have two main options that are close to the Piazza Navona.

The first option is the Mood, on Corso Vittorio Emmanuele. It’s a small club, and it’s open every night. Friendly, cheap with many tourists.

The other option, which is a bit fancier and more locals to find in, the Shari Vari. It’s located close to the Pantheon on Via de Nari, it’s offering various music styles and great cocktails for a perfect night out in Rome.

Largo de Torre Argentina

Just 3 minutes from Piazza Navona on the street called Corso Vittorio Emmanuele III. you can visit the square called Largo di Torre Argentina. You’ll find the ruins of 4 ancient roman temples, basically right off the road.

Why is it UNIQUE?

A cat shelter is functioning here, offering a home to 150 cats. If you take a closer look you’ll see them sleeping around the ruins. Volunteers feed them and provide care and vaccinations for all stray cats along with the city. The biggest cat population of the city is here, in Torre Argentina.

Sightseeing in the historic center

Castel San’Angelo and the Vatican City

basilica san pietro da ponte sant angelo roma italia

Walking down straight from Piazza Navona on Via del Governo Vecchio, you can be at the Castel San Angelo in 13 minutes, and the Vatican is just 7-9 minutes away from there. Via del Governo Vecchio is one of my favorite streets in the center. It’s a cozy, colorful, and vibrant street featuring many bars, restaurants, and shops, not to mention the beautiful buildings!


Piazza in Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome, Italy

Trastevere is my second favorite neighborhood in Rome. Colorful streets, great food, and beautiful buildings. It is far enough from the crowded center, yet close enough to reach it fast, even if you’re walking. As I have mentioned in my article about the:

Trastevere Neighborhood

I’ve been staying in Orsa Maggiore Hostel, which is a great and cheap place for women only. I really recommend this place for budget travelers, especially for fellow solo female travelers. The hostel is 9 minutes away from Piazza Navona.

The most famous square in this neighborhood, the Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere is 17 minutes away from Navona.

Piazza Venezia, Capitolium Hill, Colosseum and Roman Forum

Altare della Patria, Piazza Venezia, Rome, Italy

The triumvirate of the Roman Empire is basically near each other. Piazza Venezia can be reached within 12 minutes, the Colosseum is the most far away on this route, so the easiest is to start on Piazza Venezia and have them checked one by one. As of first you’ll see the Altra della Patria on the South side of the square, dominating it. The monument built in honor of Vittorio Emmanuele II, the uniter of Italy.

On the right-hand side, just a few meters away, you’ll find the stairs to the Capitolium hill. As mentioned in my article about the 6 best places with a great panoramic view above Rome, behind the Capitolium building you can have a great view of the roman forum. From here, you can walk down behind the Altra della Patria to Via dei Fori Imperiali. Along this road, you’ll pass by the ruins of the great empire, while at the end of the road you can see from a long distance the enormous building of the Colosseum.

Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps

Pantheon, rome, italy, roma italia

This is the romantic side of Rome. The ancient Pantheon is 6 minutes away from Piazza Navona. The Trevi Fountain is 14 and the Spanish Steps are 24 minutes away. As in Rome, there’s so much to see and do, I tried to break down the attractions into the most time-saving mode. So the smartest way to visit Rome is to put on one route the attractions I mentioned together. As in this one: Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and Spanish Steps.

Where to stay in the Navona neighborhood?

Inn Rome Rooms & Suites

In this neighborhood, I’ve been staying in the Inn Rome Rooms & Suites last time in 2018. It’s located on Corso Vittorio Emmanuele III, 4 minutes walk from Castel San Angelo and about 6-7 minutes from Piazza Navona. The room was super nice, well equipped, the bathroom as well, with free toiletries and most rooms have super nice views on the surrounding streets.

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best neighbourhoods in Rome; Navona

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Best neighborhoods in Rome: Navona

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