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20 things to know about moving to Italy

How to move to Italy, orhHow to move to Italy from USA? How to get paid to move to Italy? So many questions! If you asked yourself “Can I move to Italy”? Or which is the city in Italy paying you to move there, you’re in the right place! Find out the ultimate 20 things […]

Where to live in the US as a freelancer?

Being a freelancer opens up doors that are closed otherwise if you have a 9 to 5 job. Freelancers in the US can also enjoy much freedom and great times while working with their passion. As a digital nomad, you have the freedom to live where you want, because you can work from wherever you […]

My British journey – 2 years in England

So, if you’ve been following me on Instagram, or reading my blog frequently, you know, that I’ve been living in England between 2018-2020. This journey was unexpected, unplanned, and definitely unwanted! But it was necessary, and it helped me a lot to evolve in ways I couldn’t if I don’t move there. Let’s see the […]

Italian slow-living lifestyle lessons

Since I have first visited Italy in 2015, and even before, I was really admiring this Italian slow-living lifestyle! At that time I didn’t really understand it, and I just couldn’t get how Italians are so different from other European cultures. After 5 years of traveling back and forth to Italy, meeting many people, speaking […]

Are you looking for the perfect remote health insurance?

We’ve been already discussing SafetyWing’s nomad insurance, which is a really great travel medical insurance. I decided to review the Remote Health as well because it’s one of the health insurance for freelancers and expats on the market. Remote Health from SafetyWing is also great for remote work teams, and remote workers, which now is […]

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