Month: January 2022

10 cities to visit in Europe – for solo travel girls

If you’re looking for the best European city for solo female travel, we’ve got some news! We prepared not only one but the 10 best European cities for solo travel. We love to plan and go on trips on our own, and solo travel around Europe is something that can be really good for you […]

Churches to visit in Milan, Italy

Milan has many faces. The chic fashionist, the business suit version, the art and culture lovers world, and of course the spiritual side too. It was probably one of the biggest surprises in Milan to discover how many stunning masterpieces the catholic churches in Milan Italy are hiding. Some of the most famous artworks and […]

Obagi 360 Review – HydraFactor Broad Spectrum SPF 30

It’s really interesting how our skin changes over the years. How from one moment to another we start noticing that our skin becomes thinner, wrinkles appear, and indeed, that much-feared time arrives when we start aging. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to maintain and protect the structure of our skin, and how to avoid […]

Aparthotel Meneghino – High-rated Hotel Apartments in Milan

Milan is the beating heart of North Italy. The fashion capital, the financial motor, the city that has faced so much in history, and it offers to show you its many faces. When you’re visiting Milan, you always have options for accommodations. Hotels, penthouses, apartments, hostels, and apart-hotels. With this last one, Aparthotel Meneghino is […]

What to know about Budapest Christmas Market

December, the period when our homes and our streets get covered in lights and Christmas decorations. The coziest period of the year that’s full of hope, gratitude, and love. It’s the period when family and friends become the highlight in our life, and we step away for a little bit from our goals. The holiday […]

Business resolutions for this year

We all make different resolutions for or after New Year’s Eve each year. For a few years now, I stopped making resolutions in my personal life, and rather do it about my business. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. Being a business owner isn’t easy. The key to success is always to set goals, make plans, […]

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