10 cities to visit in Europe – for solo travel girls

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If you’re looking for the best European city for solo female travel, we’ve got some news! We prepared not only one but the 10 best European cities for solo travel. We love to plan and go on trips on our own, and solo travel around Europe is something that can be really good for you too! There’s so much history, art, and culture to explore. There’s no time to be bored when you solo travel Europe, plus it can be really life-changing to see many different cultures and experience them.

10 best European cities for solo travel

My travels were never planned in advance before the pandemic, and I was usually traveling solo since I went through a self-discovery period, and traveling alone helped a lot. With this journey, I have found the best European city for solo female travel, and I did actually return alone multiple times. But besides that, as usual, I have discovered the best places for solo travellers in Europe which I can recommend without any hesitation.

As you can imagine, there’s no place in the world that is perfectly safe, and we may never know what happens next, but on this list, you can find some of the safest places to solo travel in Europe as a woman as well. You can also plan road trips in Europe alone!

I always pick my destinations about 2 months in advance and always do it based on what I’m inspired to see and capture. As I’m passionate about colorful, warm places, you’ll see mostly these on the list. There are so many beautiful cities in Europe to visit from Rome to Berlin, from Barcelona to Budapest, and more! Let’s dig in!

1. Rome, Italy

how to do rome on a budget

If you’re looking for the best European cities for solo travel, we should definitely start with my number one favorite city in Europe for solo female travelers, Rome, Italy. This city is hosting each year many solo travelers and it’s one of the safest cities in Europe to travel alone.

If you’re in need of solo travel Europe ideas, I’d definitely recommend starting with Rome. The city welcomes millions of tourists each year, so it’s really easy to get along in the city if you’re speaking just English. In many other sides of Italy, if you don’t speak Italian, you might have difficulties, but not in Rome.

If you’re staying in the historic center, in the busy areas, safety should be no issue in Rome. But of course, you should always be cautious! There are many things to do in Rome… Squares, fountains, history, the Vatican, the Colosseum, amazing food, delicious gelato, and amazing people. Imagine when you’re not traveling to Rome alone, and you still fall in love, how much you can fall in love with Rome if you’re visiting without any distractions?

Rome was the first European city outside Hungary that I have visited alone. That first solo trip to Rome triggered a whole new set of goals I set to myself, and it was the reason I started traveling alone continuously after. As well, it was the reason I decided to move to Italy. This city has so much beauty, so much culture, and so many positive vibes, that you may instantly just fall in love with Rome.

Best hostel for solo female travelers in Rome is Orsa Maggiore Hostel for women only, located in the Trastevere neighborhood.

2. Seville, Spain

When it comes to beautiful destinations which are also the safest places to solo travel in Europe, Seville is definitely a top choice! I remember many years ago how people were concerned about travel alone to Seville, due to the loud rumors of women and drug trafficking. This was many years ago, and things settled since.

Seville is a perfectly safe city, but of course, as in every big city, it’s always best to stay in the city center, and not wander around weird places. As in every big city, in Seville happen things, but as a tourist, there’s nothing to be worried about for as long as you’re taking care of yourself, and you’re not getting involved in anything suspicious, let’s say at a party.

Seville can be called the best European city for solo female travel, for all those who want to meet other travelers, in their hostels for example, and discover a city that’s covered in orange. The capital city of Andalusia offers many things to do. You can visit historic sites, such as the Real Alcatraz, or see stunning architecture like Piazza de Spagna, or the La Giralda tower.

I stayed 3 days in Seville alone, at an amazing hostel called Oasis Backpackers’ Palace. As in every hostel, here too I found quickly another solo travel girl from Germany, with whom we then teamed up and visited many places around Seville together, while also we spent the evening out. If you want to discover the home of the Flamenco, and all the beauty Seville is hiding, I can honestly say that it’s a perfect destination to travel alone!

3. Malaga, Spain


The third of the best European cities for solo travel is definitely Malaga! This is one of those best places for solo travellers in Europe who want to enjoy the beach, have a lot of fun, dance until the morning, and still feel safe, in a city that’s not as crowded as Barcelona for example.

Malaga has been my favorite solo traveler destination in Europe so far when I traveled to let go of things, enjoy myself, and have a bite of life without problems. Meeting another solo traveler in Malaga, I spent the morning exploring the city, museums, and architecture. Then, we spent the day on the beach, and the night out in the city center and the clubs.

Even if I was walking alone home at 5-6 am in the morning, I never felt unsafe in Malaga. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should get drunk, and risk your safety by doing irresponsible things. It just means that Malaga’s city center is packed with tourists, young adults enjoying a night out on their vacation, and you can find people wandering around even at 4 am in the morning.

There are plenty of day trips you can organize around Andalusia and along the seaside. Here is an article as well about the top things to do in Malaga!

4. Budapest, Hungary

bridges in budapest

If you’re looking for lower-budget solo travel Europe ideas, Budapest, Hungary is a magnificent option! Budapest is definitely one of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe, while it’s also much cheaper than the others. If you’re planning solo travel around Europe, this city is definitely a must-see!

I’ve been many many times in Budapest since I was 2 years old. Multiple times I was traveling solo, but Budapest was also the city where I got away all by myself for 3 months when I was 18. I wanted to try if I would like to live there if I’d move there for the university years. Later on, I lived in Budapest a total of 1.5 years, and I have traveled afterwards plenty of times.

Buadpest has much to offer. The colorful Hungarian history that’s present all around the city, museums, gorgeous architecture, bridges, the most beautiful parliament building in Europe, and also stunning viewpoints. You can discover the Hungarian culture while heading in the night to the Gozsdu Courtyard, Szimpla kert, and other ruin bars to meet new people. Budapest is safe. There are pickpocketers and similar incidents, but usually speaking, if you’re not wandering around in hidden weird places, there’s nothing to fear.

Subways operate until late, and from early in the morning, and the 4-6 tram which goes around basically the whole city center operates 24/24. It’s really easy to get around the city, to get home at the night, and there are plenty of amazing places to see, and places to go for fun! Also, Budapest has one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe, just saying!

5. Florence, Italy

florence italy

What do I have on my list for the best European city for solo female travel? Florence, definitely! If you’re looking for the safest places to solo travel in Europe, and you’re looking for the city that has the richest art history, well Florence is your place! The birthplace of the Renaissance, the birthplace of many significant people in human history, Firenze has a lot to offer!

I’ve been in Florence two times so far, of which the first time was a solo travel trip. That trip included 5 days in Rome, 3 days in Florence, and one day in Bologna. I learned that time, that if you can speak just a tiny bit of Italian, it’s really easy to get around Italy by traveling solo. At the time, I found Florence a perfect destination for those solo travelers, who are hungry for art and architecture.

The city is absolutely safe, well obviously we’re speaking again about the central areas, and there’s much to do! Maybe for a week Florence is too much, but to stop by for 2-4 days, it’s a perfect place to go. And of course, don’t forget that the food in Florence is just amazing, plus you can plan great day trips in Tuscany from Florence.

6. Barcelona, Spain

barcelona travel solo travel girl visit spain

If you’re still looking for the best places for solo travellers in Europe, here’s another tip: Barcelona. I honestly found Barcelone one of the most exciting and best European cities for solo travel. Just as Malaga, Barcelona is a great destination for solo travelers looking for beaches, city life, and amazing nightlife.

Since Barcelona is much bigger than Malaga, as you can imagine, it’s less safe too. But well, as I kept repeating it over and over again in this article, as long as you’re not wandering in weird places, hanging out with weird people, there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve been to Barcelona 3 times in my life, and I’m sure I’ll be back many more times since my cousin now lives there.

I found Barcelona an exciting place with many things to do, many places to visit, and even if you’re planning 3 days, or 2 weeks, you’ll not run out of ideas for things to do in Barcelona. The whole city is beautiful, with rich history, stunning architecture, such as the Gaudi buildings, stunning panoramic views over the city and the sea, and great beaches.

7. Paris, France

paris france

You must avoid the Paris syndrome, especially if you’re traveling alone! While Paris as we know isn’t the safest city in Europe, the rules that apply to any city above, apply to Paris too. As long as you’re staying in a safe area, booking the perfect accommodation, and you’re not wandering outside the central areas in the middle of the night, traveling alone to Paris is one of the best solo travel Europe ideas. If you book your tickets in advance, like the Eiffel tower tickets, or Louvre museum tickets, you’ll also save yourself from headaches.

Just as Rome, Paris is one of the most popular travel destinations for all types of travelers. Especially since Emily in Paris came out, the city became the dream destination of every girl and young woman. So realistically, Paris is a great place for solo travelers, since there is much to do and see in Paris. However, being a big city, it might be harder to make connections, especially if you don’t speak French.

If you’re in Paris, make sure you try a beef bourguignon on side of the many sweets and pastries we love in the French capital! Overall, if you’re staying at hostels like other solo travelers, if you don’t know anyone in Paris, well hostels are always good to meet and connect. Visit museums, and explore the art, culture, and architecture of the beautiful city. Don’t miss booking Orsay museum tickets either! That’s another must in Paris! If you want to solo travel around Europe, Paris should be seen anyway. A French capital city is a place that everyone must see at least once in a lifetime.

8. Vienna

solo trip to vienna

Another of the best European cities for solo travel is Vienna, Austria. Those who are planning to solo travel around Europe, shouldn’t skip one of the most beautiful European capital cities! I, as well as one of my business partners, have traveled solo in Vienna. We both agreed that it’s a place where you can get along easily, without speaking German, and feeling safe as well.

The historic center of Vienna is absolutely stunning, and this is also the best area to stay as a solo traveler. There is so much art and culture to explore, castles, churches, museums, the film festival over the summer, and the Christmas markets during the winter. Vienna is definitely a beautiful, elegant, and also fun place to explore alone!

9. Milan, Italy

where to stay in Milan Italy

Though, non of my first trips to Milan were solo, while I wasn’t yet living in Italy, I visited Milan two times where the second time I traveled alone and met a friend in the city. Then, after moving near Milan, due to my work, I’m going to Milan for a day or two every month at least once.

In the beginning, since I didn’t know anyone in the city, I spent these days alone, or by meeting up with other solo travelers. What I learned the past one and a half years by going back and forth to Milan, is that it’s the best European city for solo female travel! Perfect for those, who are seeking a big, multicultural, fashionable, luxurious city where there’s something happening.

For those not speaking Italian, Milan is still a perfect destination, since not just in hospitality, but everywhere, people mostly for work reasons, but they speak pretty great English! Moreover, Milan is one of the best places for solo travellers in Europe for cultural Solo travel statistics show that 50% of solo travelers choose Europe. How come not, when in cities like this you can find plenty of events, fashion events, design expos, art galleries, and to enjoy the luxurious nightlife of the stunning city of Milan.

There are plenty of churches to visit, hidden gems, and some of the world’s most famous treasures, such as the Last Supper fresco by Michelangelo. One part of the city reflects the elegant past, the other part reflects the developing present and incredible future. It’s definitely a place that solo travelers who are looking for city breaks will love!

10. London

is it safe to travel to london alone

If you’re looking for solo travel Europe ideas, London is definitely another highlight that must be on the list. However, London can be really tricky, it is a great destination for solo travelers. If you’re starting out with solo traveling, and you speak just English, sometimes an English-speaking place is the best to start with.

However, if you’ve never been to big cities, you better not start with London. While wandering around London (multiple times), I had some bad experiences that gave me headaches, but usually speaking, I loved that in London, even if I was lost, I got to sort out myself quickly because whoever I asked to help, they right away understood what I wanted to know. Since I was also living right outside London for two years, I had the chance to wander around many times.

London is packed with beautiful things to do, and for those who love the big city life, London can be a real adventure. There’s so much old and so much new to explore. A dynamic city that’s growing fast, it’s modern, and it’s full of possibilities. A weekend, a few days in London solo can be really good. Exploring everything that’s British.

Wrapping up the 10 best European cities for solo travel

Now that we’ve covered some of the best places for solo travellers in Europe, the best European city for solo female travel, and basically all those big cities you should add to your bucket list, we’ve got some more content for you! Make sure you check out our solo travel articles, such as the reasons why traveling alone is awesome, or a quick guide for first-timers. Solo traveling can be challenging, and you might find yourself in situations that you never experienced before. When you’re traveling alone, you have the responsibility to assure that you’re taking care of yourself. For this reason, it is always key to plan your trips as well as possible, taking care of every detail!

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10 cities to visit in Europe – for solo travel girls

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