6 cities to visit in Europe – for solo travel girls

6 cities to visit in Europe - for solo travel girls
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Traveling alone is becoming more and more popular, and with this, we all want to know which are the best, safest destinations we can visit, right? If you’re looking for inspiration on different urban destinations, here are the 6 cities to visit in Europe I really recommend for all solo travel girls!

My travels are never calculated in advance, and I’m never following one by one my bucket list. I always pick my destinations about 2 months in advance, and always doing it based on what I’m inspired to see and capture. As I’m passionate about colorful, warm places, you’ll see mostly these on my list. I either returned multiple times, I either lived in most of these places.

There are so many beautiful cities in Europe to visit from Rome to Berlin, from Barcelona to Budapest, and more! We’ll explore now the best cities in Europe for solo travelers.

#1 Rome – Italy

8 famous places to visit in Rome, Italy

It’s really hard to write about this right now… (We are in the middle of the coronavirus situation, and my flight to Rome at the end of April 2020 was just canceled.)

I will ignore the circumstances for now as I have to make a statement: Rome is the best place for ladies who are traveling solo!

First of all, there are many girls traveling to Rome alone already! There are actually hostels just for travelers like us. Here’s one on a great budget, that’s close to the city center. It’s called the Orsa Maggiore Hostel for women only, located in the Trastevere neighborhood.

Rome is honestly one of the most amazing cities to visit in Europe for solo travel girls!

Rome is the city where each of us, no matter what background and interests we have, we will all fall in love with something! There are plenty of diverse possibilities for things to see and do based on all kinds of tastes. Plan your itinerary by checking my listings for the many things to do in Rome! The Italian capital city is super safe, walkable, beautiful, and the people are very friendly, so it’s a great place to make new connections.

#2 Seville – Spain

royal alcazar of seville

Years ago, people were concerned about Seville due to girls and drug trafficking. But this was years ago, and there’s no reason to worry about these things nowadays.

I found the city center perfectly safe, during the day and night. Many young travelers go to Seville these days. Hostels are organizing plenty of pubs crawls to experience the nightlife in Seville and make connections.


Obviously as everywhere, in Seville as well the basic safety rules apply. Just make sure you’re always watching your belongings. Don’t go anywhere that feels unsafe, especially not with weird people! And if you’re all by yourself, don’t wander too much outside the city center! Otherwise, there’s nothing to be afraid of!

I felt completely safe in Seville, and yes, I was alone. I was wandering in the middle of the night around the city center, seeing others doing the same. It was amazing to find street musicians and flamenco performers along Avenida de la Constitucion at midnight.

Seville is the most breathtaking, most dreamy, unreal, colorful city I have ever seen in my life! It’s such a unique place! You can walk all day under orange trees, and listen to guitar play everywhere you go.

The combination of the Arabic (Mor) and Spanish style, and being the home of the Flamenco, Seville is that city you’ve always imagined when you thought about dreamy Spanish place you’d visit. You just didn’t know if and where it exists! See the things you can do in Seville, in my article linked here!

Hint: If you’re a lover of Game of Thrones (and you didn’t know this), the Royal Alcazar palace was used as the home of the Martell family in Sunspear.

#3 Malaga – Spain

Malaga Spain ShegoWandering places to visit as a solo female traveler

Malaga is the city where you want to travel alone if you really want to just enjoy life and forget about your problems.

If you’re looking for a less crowded place for great nightlife, rich history, art, beautiful beaches and the possibility to meet many solo travelers, Malaga is definitely a great choice!

Spending the days near the beach, the night downtown, and getting away from time to time in other spots around Malaga was the best way to spend my trip after some tough months. It’s a super cool place to recharge and dance away all the tension.

There are plenty of day trips you can organize around Andalusia and along the seaside. Here is an article as well about the top things to do in Malaga!

#4 Budapest – Hungary

visit budapest alone - travel to budapest

Budapest was my first favorite city. Before Seville, before Rome. I’ve been in the Hungarian capital city thousands of times since I was very little. I also lived there for about 2 years, worked, and studied with this Erasmus program at my dream university.

Budapest has many faces, with memories of different ages. You can explore along the Danube river, on both sides breathtaking buildings and scenarios. The most beautiful and famous buildings in Budapest are (mostly) on the side of the river. So just imagine a boat trip there…

EN - 970x250

Travelers usually spend 2-3 days in Budapest, but if you have the possibility, I really recommend doing 4-5 days. There are plenty of things to do apart from sightseeing. Parties, festivals, nearby hills, and the Danube. Budapest has plenty of spas and baths to experience. Scheduling a relaxing day in one of the most famous baths of the city will bring your experience to other levels (the Szechenyi and the Rudas Thermal Baths are the most popular).

Usually speaking, Budapest is a safe city. Pickpocketers are present here as anywhere in Europe, so keep an eye on your belongings and be aware that there are some districts outside the city center that aren’t too safe, so don’t start wandering in unsure places.

Hungarians are very welcoming! We really love visitors, so you’ll be alright to ask people for help and guidance, but also if you want to make connections with locals.


It’s also very, very cheap, compared to the Western countries. The food, drinks, transport, entrance prices, and even accommodation are cheaper than any other famous European capital city. This is really great for those looking for more affordable beautiful destinations in Europe for longer stays too!

Here’s an article about the 22 things you can do in Budapest! There are much more than 22, listed in different articles!

#5 Florence – Italy

travel to florence alone - italy travel florence, firenze

Florence is one of those places I can’t wait to see again… But this time, I want to visit it the right way! The birthplace of the Renaissance, the place where art is present everywhere. Florence must be an experience you do the right way!

When I first visited Florence, I went there exhausted. This happened in March 2018, after I spent 4 days (also my birthday) with my friends in Rome.

The day I arrived got freezing cold, and it was raining all day. I also got soaking wet on the way to my accommodation, so my nerves were playing around too. Obviously, I didn’t calculate the circumstances in and didn’t plan for enough time to explore the city. So, I ended up running from one place to another, with no chance to spend enough time to explore and visit everything I wanted.

Remember this: Two days in Florence are NOT ENOUGH! If you want to visit all the museums, galleries and other landmarks, you need to give it time. I’m hoping to visit it again, spend at least a week there at a much warmer part of the year, and explore each museum one by one. For the 10 things, you can do in Florence, check this article!

#6 Barcelona – Spain

barcelona travel solo travel girl visit spain

I visited Barcelona in March 2020, right before Spain went under lockdown due to the coronavirus situation. The city was very tense, it wasn’t crowded at all! While you felt the tensity and kept the distance, it was also very calm, with beautiful sunsets – which I loved!

When I first visited Barcelona in 2011, I didn’t recognize the real beauty of it! And I definitely didn’t notice the amazing vibes and social life it has.

It’s the second biggest city in Spain, with a population reaching almost 5 million. It’s advised to be extra cautious with your belongings, especially in crowded places like La Rambla. Otherwise, I feel like Barcelona is a great place for solo travel girls! People I met there were super friendly, super open and I actually had a lot of fun, despite all that’s been going on…

Barcelona is definitely one of the best cities to visit in Europe for solo travel girls!

There are amazing cafes, bars, cocktail bars, places with live music, performances, free salsa classes and so much more. I was just so surprised how many options you have for each and every day for entertainment and culture. Just so amazing!

I didn’t even leave, but I already agreed with my cousin to visit her again after this situation is over. Barcelona is the perfect place to explore and enjoy the vibes in a big city, which has a BEAUTIFUL SANDY BEACH and an enchanting Gothic downtown. Oh, and do I need to remind anyone about Gaudi?

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6 cities to visit in Europe - for solo travel girls shegowandering

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6 cities to visit in Europe – for solo travel girls

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