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The ultimate guide on: How to start a blog in 6 steps?

So you’re planning on starting a blog and you’re feeling confused about all the things you’ll need to do? You’re wondering how to do it right? Here’s my ultimate guide on how to start a blog from scratch in 6 steps! I started my travel blog, ShegoWandering in 2018, but I actually bought my domain […]

How to use Adobe Lightroom Presets? A guide for beginners

Lightroom is a post-processing and organizing photo editing software, coming from the Adobe software family. It’s been a long journey together, with many ups and downs, angry moments, and fights. But we made it through, and today I’m going to show you how to use Adobe Lightroom if you’ve never done it before! This Adobe […]

Capitola Watches – A sprinkle of Spanish glam for every day

The Capitola Watches are a part of my daily outfits since 2017. I have found the brand randomly on Social Media, and I’m so happy that I did! When I’ve noticed that the company is actually from Spain, I straight away decided to get my first Capitola Watch. If you’re new on my blog, you […]

Are you looking for the perfect remote health insurance?

We’ve been already discussing SafetyWing’s nomad insurance, which is a really great travel medical insurance. I decided to review the Remote Health as well because it’s one of the health insurance for freelancers and expats on the market. Remote Health from SafetyWing is also great for remote work teams, and remote workers, which now is […]

Looking for Travel Medical Insurance? The best for nomads

You’re feeling lost between the many options of travel medical insurance? I know, I’ve been there! Travel medical insurance is something we all need while we’re roaming around the world and it’s really important to make great decisions on our insurance pick! Here’s an international travel insurance review for a brand I always choose for […]

The best way to drink more water while traveling

How to drink more water? Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should always be a priority! I always loved everything local, natural, and healthy. And that’s one of the biggest reasons I love so much living in Italy. But, while I was always moving around and traveling, keeping my routines was a real challenge. So I asked […]

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