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You’re feeling lost between the many options of travel medical insurance? I know, I’ve been there! Travel medical insurance is something we all need while we’re roaming around the world and it’s really important to make great decisions on our insurance pick! Here’s an international travel insurance review for a brand I always choose for my trips! No matter if you’re looking for travel health insurance Nepal, travel health insurance Bali, travel health insurance Cambodia, or travel health insurance Iceland, or even for something in Europe, like travel health insurance Denmark, Safetywing has the best travel medical insurance you could pick!

I’ve been traveling frequently for 7 years now. For the first 2 years, I did not care to get any type of trip insurance. My mother however always got my travel medical insurance for me, without me knowing it. She is smart! I was always asking myself if do i need travel insurance for Italy, and my answer at that time was always no. Wrong!

After I actually had to use my travel insurance a couple of times, and I also lost a lot of money because once I didn’t have one, I have finally learned the lesson on trip insurances! No matter where you travel, for how long, with whom, travel health insurance is always needed. I’ve been asked once if do I need travel insurance for croatia? Yes, you do! You need it everywhere! And I’m highlighting again, that the destination doesn’t matter! You might need travel health insurance Denmark, travel health insurance Bali, travel health insurance Nepal, Greece travel health insurance, or any other place, this company will get you covered!

Travel medical health insurance – family travel health insurance

family travel health insurance

I was also asked once by someone do I need travel insurance for Morocco? Yes, please! EVERYWHERE! Travel insurance is a must, wherever you go! It doesn’t matter what age you’re at, what destination you’re heading to, or what’s your financial background. Be smarter than I was, and make sure you’re always covering yourself! You may never know what’s going to happen, and believe me, it’s great to know that you’re safe!

So if you’ve been asking yourself the following questions:

  • do I need travel insurance for Bali?
  • do I need travel insurance for Peru?
  • do I need travel insurance for Turkey?
  • do I need travel insurance for Paris?
  • do you need travel insurance for Dubai?
  • do I need travel insurance for Japan?
  • do I need travel insurance for South Africa?
  • do I need travel insurance for Italy?
  • do I need medical insurance to travel to China?
  • do I need medical insurance to travel to Cuba?
  • and so on…

The answer will always be YES, YOU DO NEED IT for your own protection!

That’s extremely important, as you literally can never know what comes next. As an example, I’d mention my pre-covid19 lockdown trip to Spain! I don’t know what I’ve done if I’m not insured at that time, but it would’ve caused a complete financial breakdown for sure!

Q: When do I need a travel medical insurance?

  • You’re a frequent traveler, or you’re traveling long term
  • If you’re traveling once a year, but you’d like an affordable, safe, reliable insurance that keeps you and your family covered abroad
  • In case you’re traveling with electronics, fragile, valuable items
  • If you’re away from your doctor long term
  • You want to make sure you’re insured abroad against accidents and any kind of medical emergencies
  • You’re traveling with chronic illnesses, that might need urgent care
  • If you’re simply going on a vacation abroad

What is a travel medical insurance?

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? What is travel medical insurance?

I’ll try to explain it in the easiest way possible! Insurance is basically something that’s guaranteeing that if anything happens to you, you are not left on your own to deal with it.

While you’re living abroad as a digital nomad, a freelancer or just traveling for whatever amount of time, if you get hurt, or troubled, you can always know that you can count on somebody, and if something goes wrong, you’ll not be left alone! This is the most basic, most clear reason why we all need travel medical insurances.

If you’re looking for long-term health insurance then read this post about the international comprehensive coverage. Safety Wing has also introduced COVID-19 coverage in their global health insurance.
Alternatively, visit SafetyWing directly!

Reasons you need a travel health insurance:

  • It’s giving you peace!

When I first started to write this article, I didn’t know what to say about this point. It’s obviously giving you peace, but for someone who naively didn’t care for years about backups, I couldn’t see why is so peaceful when you are actually insured. Especially when you already experienced what happens when you’re not.

It truly gives you peace. To know, that if something goes wrong along the journey, you are covered. The thought of knowing that I’m safe is now really important!

  • It can give you a hand in unexpected situations!
family travel health insurance

Now, let’s be really straightforward and say it how it is! You can’t really know what’s going to happen next, right? Obviously, you shouldn’t spend your life worrying about what might happen, you’d lose your sanity!

It’s however important to make sure whatever happens, you are covered and you’ll be safe.

Simply because it’s always better to be prepared than surprised, right?

  • Financial security

As I have already mentioned, travel medical insurance is giving you the security, to not break financially or not get in a position that you can’t afford to get yourself out of safely! For any reasons that you might need emergency care if you’re insured the hospitals won’t charge you directly, but the insurance company. With this, you can avoid situations where the hospital charge might be higher than how much travel money you’ve got on your account.

SafetyWing – A travel health insurance review

safetywing travel medical insurance shegowandering

As I have mentioned, no matter if you’re looking for travel health insurance Nepal, travel health insurance Bali, travel health insurance Cambodia, or travel health insurance Iceland, or even for something in Europe, like travel health insurance Denmark, Safetywing can get you covered!

I discovered SafetyWing in 2020, and it’s the best and easiest travel healthy insurance I’ve found so far! As I’m changing my base from time to time, I’ve got the chance to experience and try some of the big names out there. With time, I decided to stay with SafetyWing in the long run. Here’s the article about the Remote Health program, which is international health insurance provided by SafetyWing in 175+ countries.

Why SafetyWing‘s travel medical insurance?

discovery health travel insurance

#1 A travel health insurance that you can sort out online

First of all, I feel like it’s really handy to be able to get insurance in just a few clicks online. You don’t have to go anywhere, or print anything. You can have it all done from your PC, mobile, or any other device that you can connect to the internet. Also, you can keep track of everything on your own dashboard. You’ll also have 24/7 claims support! So if you’re looking for travel health insurance Nepal, or travel health insurance Bali, or you’re thinking: do I need travel insurance for South Africa? or, do I need travel insurance for Italy? Safetywing is great, thanks to the easy access, the worldwide coverage, and the insurance packages they offer. No matter where you are, you’re covered.

#2 The international health insurance that works like a subscription

One of the best things about SafetyWing is that you can subscribe at any time, you can select your date of start, and you can also cancel it when it’s not needed anymore. The flexibility really helps to save a lot!

One of the main reasons I personally started to use SafetyWing’s travel health insurance, was because it’s international travel insurance, but secondly because I can cancel it whenever I want, and I’m not paying a fortune! While I was questioning if I need travel insurance to Italy, I realized that using an internationally available travel healthy insurance service, wherever I’m going I can handle it online, without needing to fill all my details with different companies each time I travel.

Amazing prices for an international travel insurance!

discovery health travel insurance

As you can see in the below box, the price for 4 weeks is $37. This price applies to everybody aged between 18-39. The price for individuals above the age of 39, medical travel insurance is $31/4months. Now, prices for international travel insurance may vary, but considering the packages, I’m saying that it’s 100% worth it. Especially since they have introduced the quarantine period insurance as well.

The last insurance I’ve used before SafetyWing cost me $120/4 weeks. I have had cheaper ones as well, but those weren’t covering half of the package that SatefyWings cover. That $37 for a full month of travel insurance, if you ask me, it’s an amazing deal! Considering that it’s international travel insurance, and how much other travel health insurance costed me, I am absolutely satisfied with SafetyWing!

Worldwide coverage with this travel health insurance!

family travel health insurance

SafetyWing travel medical insurance is available to purchase and it’s valid in 180 countries around the world. For our own good, it’s good to know if an insurance company is reliable, isn’t it? SafetyWing is a Y-Combinator company and the policy is administered by Tokio Marine, one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Trip insurance that’s available for me even if I’m in the middle of nowhere, gives me the peaceful state of mind I need.

What’s the cool in that? If you’re in Spain, and you decide to jump over to another country, you don’t have to wonder “I do need travel insurance to France”, “do I need travel insurance to Italy”, or “do I need travel insurance to Denmark”, you just get online on SafetyWing, check out the coverage, and you’re set. You won’t need to run back and forth to find a local insurance company.

Family travel health insurance and groups

Here’s the other positive thing about SafetyWing! If you need family travel health insurance, or group travel medical insurance, you can get them both within the platform! One person can purchase group insurance for family or friends, so it takes off a lot of hustle! There is also a discount on groups!

The insurance also covers 1 young child/adult (up to 2 per family) aged between 14 days and 10 years old. This can be included on the insurance without added cost! Try and find all this at another trip insurance! So this is definitely another great reason to consider SafetyWing for family travel health insurance!

More Pro’s of this travel health insurance:

safetywing travel medical insurance shegowandering

SafetyWing is really straightforward. There aren’t hidden fees or charges that will surprise you in unexpected moments! You sign up, get your travel health insurance and you don’t have to worry about anything more! They also pay attention to keep their clients updated, if something new is added to the insurance packages. So if you’re looking for solo travel insurance, family travel health insurance, or group insurance, make sure to check them out!

Travel medical insurance has over 15,000 members. That gave me enough confidence and trust from the first second. I guess if you’re thinking on trip insurance, this gives you too the same confidence! Especially on international travel insurance choices!

What I really love in SafetyWing is, that it’s been created by nomads. So those, who understand us nomads, and know from first hand exactly what are the really important factors during traveling.

As a member, I’m always getting updates on what has changed. And what I really love, is that I frequently see updates that are improving their service. Another + point from me!

What is included in the nomad insurance?

  • Medical coverage

There is a variety of emergency factors included, such as hospital fees, ambulance, and urgent care. The coverage extends to physical therapy and chiropractic care, emergency dental, and some more. You’ll have a full guide about this on the website!

  • Travel coverage

The travel insurance includes some really essential factors, that I really, really love. It’s covering interrupted trips, travel delays, and lost checked luggage. SafetyWing is covering natural disasters, political evacuation, emergency medical evacuation, personal liability, and accidental death and dismemberment.

Again, please make sure to read the full list on SafetyWing’s official website!

Quick recap for travel medical insurance – family travel health insurance

I have tried to cover all the facts and factors why we always need travel insurance! These travel insurance reviews serve as a guide that comes from personal experiences! By describing and explaining the services of SafetyWings travel medical insurance, I’d like you to have a look at their website, and always make sure you’re staying safe!

So, let’s see again! What’s your answer to the following questions?

  • do I need travel insurance for Bali?
  • do I need travel insurance for Peru?
  • do I need travel insurance for Turkey?
  • do I need travel insurance for Paris?
  • do you need travel insurance for Dubai?
  • do I need travel insurance for Japan?
  • do I need travel insurance for South Africa?
  • do I need travel insurance for Italy?
  • do I need medical insurance to travel to China?
  • do I need medical insurance to travel to Cuba?

Don’t forget, if you’re staying abroad for a longer period, to check this article with Remote Health insurance too! Happy wanders!

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Looking for Travel Medical Insurance? The best for nomads

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