Travel inspiration

Birthday, pandemic and Barcelona

The past two years of my life didn’t really have any other purpose, than growth. I moved to the UK because I wanted to improve my English, grow, and gain some more experience in business life. Basically, I killed my[…]

Inspiration for travel-themed gifts

If you’re here, you’re looking for the best travel gifts for your loved ones, right? These days it’s super easy to figure out gifts for people who travel a lot, as there are so many options and inspirations online! I[…]

The Ultimate 20 History Inspired TV Shows

While I’ve been working on this list of the ultimate 20 history inspired tv show, I realized something. I watched already so many series just in the history category! As somebody who loves history, who has also been a history[…]

50 Inspiring quotes about Italy – with pictures

Thousands and thousands of poems, novels, and songs were written about Italy. This amazing country has always been an inspiration on its own. Italy gifted us with some of the most amazing pieces of art, literature, and architecture for centuries![…]

35 Inspiring Travel Quotes – with pictures

Since I remember, I’ve been searching for inspiring travel quotes on the internet, for inspiration to my posts, stories on social media. Also for myself, to be inspired to travel, or to write about it. Especially when I couldn’t travel…[…]

6 Italian habits we love – Learn about Italy

There are many things I’ve learned during the time I’ve spent in Italy in the past 5 years. I had the chance and pleasure to discovered many amazing things about people and their culture. Since I’m living in Italy, I’ve[…]

Budapest in 20 photos – Visit Hungary

#1 The breathtaking Hungarian Parliament building #2 Wandering in Budapest like… #3 What about the St Stephan’s Basilica and square? #4 Vajdahunyad castle – architecture from all around Hungary in one complex #5 Heroes’ square #6 Exploring the courtyard of[…]

Italy in 26 pictures by ShegoWandering

Italy, the country that changed my life, stole my heart and gave me the best memories ever! Since 2015 I’ve been numerous times each year there, and I do keep going back, as I just can’t imagine my life without[…]

10 movies to see before visiting Italy

Italy, the colorful towns and cities, breathtaking lands, vineyards, architecture, history, food, and culture inspired many movies over the decades. Here are my 10 movies to see before visiting Italy. Some of them actually inspired me to visit specific towns[…]

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