Month: August 2020

Reasons to visit Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento, Italy

It’s such an amazing feeling to discover something beautiful in places that you’ve not been expecting to find any. Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento, Italy was definitely one of these beauties I’ve discovered! You might have not guessed before how many things are waiting to be explored in the Trentino Alto Adige region. The 16th-century castle […]

A hidden fairytale castle in Andalusia – Castillo de Colomares

Castillo de Colomares is otherwise known as the Colomares Monument. The monument is definitely an incredible place to visit in Andalusia! The Colomares Castle, Benalmadena Spain is located in a small town in the region of Andalusia. If you’re looking for hidden gems to visit in Andalusia, close to Malaga, the Colomares Monument is definitely […]

6 Great day trips from Malaga, Spain

The Costa del Sol is one of the most popular seaside destinations in Spain, and especially in the South of Spain. The beaches are beautiful, the towns are enchanting, and the vibes are just unbelievable! Are you visiting Malaga and you’re looking for things to do outside the city? Here are 6 great day trips […]

Following the venues of the 1956 revolution in Budapest

As a history major, the revolution of 1956 in Budapest was my favorite topic. I was so obsessed with it, that I literally bought every single book I found. Also, I watched every movie, every old record, and everything that was available and I found out about it. This is the main reason for writing […]

My British journey – 2 years in England

So, if you’ve been following me on Instagram, or reading my blog frequently, you know, that I’ve been living in England between 2018-2020. This journey was unexpected, unplanned, and definitely unwanted! But it was necessary, and it helped me a lot to evolve in ways I couldn’t if I don’t move there. Let’s see the […]

5 places for the best panoramic views in Budapest

Budapest is probably one of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe! One of the best things, besides the beautiful architecture and landmarks, is, that there are a handful of places that offer incredible panoramic views over Budapest, to admire it all! I’ve put together a collection of 5 places for the best panoramic views […]

A complete travel guide to Piacenza, Italy

Piacenza, Italy is not a well-known town, and it’s definitely not too visited by tourists. However, it is indeed a hidden gem in the beautiful region of Emilia Romagna that shouldn’t be missed! But what to do in Piacenza? If you’re looking for a place off the beaten path, Piacenza is definitely a must-see! And […]

Italian slow-living lifestyle lessons

Since I have first visited Italy in 2015, and even before, I was really admiring this Italian slow-living lifestyle! At that time I didn’t really understand it, and I just couldn’t get how Italians are so different from other European cultures. After 5 years of traveling back and forth to Italy, meeting many people, speaking […]

Traveling to Italy in 2020 – Masks and sightseeing

If you’re looking for latest updates for travelers, here are some things you must know about traveling to Italy in 2020! See details about the measures, rules, mask wearing in Italy and everything else you need to be aware of before you visit! Traveling to Italy in 2020 When I arrived to Milan Bergamo airport […]

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