5 places for the best panoramic views in Budapest

Best panoramic views in Budapest
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Budapest is probably one of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe! One of the best things, besides the beautiful architecture and landmarks, is, that there are a handful of places that offer incredible panoramic views over Budapest, to admire it all! I’ve put together a collection of 5 places for the best panoramic views in Budapest, that you can easily find, and enjoy!

Four of these viewpoints in Budapest are completely free and can be reached easily. I’m also going to add some tips for each, on how you can get there! The last viewpoint, the Budapest Eye has a fee, that I’ll also include in the article for you!

#1 Gellert Hill

The first, and also the highest viewpoint near the Danube is the Gellert Hill. This is located on the south side of the central area of the city, on the Buda side of the Danube. If you’re heading to Gellert Hill, you’ll have to do a bit of hiking, but it’s honestly not hard to do so!

You have two options to get to the top. You can either go from Elisabeth Bridge, from which there’s a walkway up to the top. If you pick this way, you can also stop on the way at St Gellert’s statue, which’s facing the bridge. It’s really worth it!


The other option is, to go from the Liberty Bridge. If you’re coming from the Pest side, you can take tram 47 or 49 until St Gellert Square, and from here, you’ll see a walkway leading up to the hill. Either way, the Gellert Hill offers one of the most amazing panoramic views in Budapest, and if you can, I really recommend visiting in the evening! At that time, when the city is covered in lights, it’s even more beautiful!

#2 Budapest Castle Hill

Chain Bridge - Budapest - hungary

Castle Hill should be on everyone’s Budapest bucket list anyway, as the Buda castle is a must-see if you’re visiting Budapest. Along with Castle Hill, there are quite a few amazing viewpoints. The first one is definitely from the famous landmark, the Fisherman’s Bastion! From here, you can see the Parliament building right in front of you. Absolutely amazing!

If you’re walking through to the National Gallery, which is located on the south side of the Buda Castle district, from here, you’ll get a view over most of Pest, the Chain Bridge, and the Parliament. – Picture above! –

EN - 970x250

You can reach the Buda Castle from the north side, heading from Szell Kalman Square by foot or with bus 16. If you’re going from this way to Szell Kalman Square you can arrive with tram 4 and 6, or with the red metro line ( metro line 2). If you’re heading from the south side, you can walk upon the walkway near Clark Adam Square (and the Chain Bridge), or take the funicular! Anyhow, the Buda Castle is definitely an amazing place for the best panoramic view over Budapest!

#3 Clark Adam Square

Chain Bridge - Budapest - hungary

As I have previously mentioned, you can reach the Buda Castle by heading from Clark Adam Square. There is however a hidden viewpoint here, that even locals don’t all know! I’m going to reveal the secret, as this place is my favorite viewpoint in the whole city!

When you are at the Buda side of the Chain Bridge, you’ll see right in front of you a tunnel that’s going under Castle Hill. If you have a look at the way of the funicular that can take you up to the Castle district, you’ll notice small bridges above it! Now, if you head along the wall of the castle up on the left-hand side, you’ll find in the wall an open porch and a walkway that’s leading you up on the hill! It’s about 20 meters away from the funicular’s stop.

Follow this walkway, and at the 2nd bridge, cross it and following the walkway, you will arrive at the top of this tunnel. The view from there is amazing, and there are benches to sit and enjoy the view over Budapest!

#4 The side of the Parliament

budapest chain bridge hungary

Since 2010, every single time I went to Budapest, and while I was living there, I went out here with a coffee. I was always just sitting and enjoying the view, and nothing more. Oh, and when I said every single time, imagine at least 50 times (and 50 coffees)!
From the left side of the Parliament building, you can sit near the statue of the poet, Attila Jozsef, and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Budapest! You can see the Buda side of the city, with the Castle hill, the Chain Bridge, and the Buda Castle Palace, which is now the Hungarian National Gallery.

To reach this spot, you can either take tram 2, or metro line 2 (red metro) to Kossuth Lajos Square. Once you’ve arrived at the Parliament, it’s really worth taking a break while enjoying this incredible view!

#5 Budapest Eye

Budapest Eye - Hungary

To see the city, and especially the city center from a bird’s view, the Budapest Eye is a great option for a great panoramic view above Budapest.

The Budapest Eye is located on Elisabeth (Erzsébet) Square. You can reach this place by using any of the undergrounds. All four undergrounds of Budapest meet at the Deak Ferenc Square, which is literally two steps away from this spot!


A ride for an adult will cost Ft 3,000, which is equal to €8,75. For tickets and more information check their website.

Elisabeth square is also a very popular hang-out spot for local and tourist youth, so while you’re there, grab a bottle of wine, or something to drink, and sit down on this square for a great chat!

About the best panoramic views in Budapest, Hungary

The interesting thing in Budapest is, that the Pest side is completely flat, and the Buda side is where the hills are. This is the reason, that most viewpoints can be found on the Buda side!

I have spent years in Budapest! There’s not one time even now if I visit, that I wouldn’t go to some of my favorite places to get the best panoramic views in Budapest! If anyone’s asking me, I’m always going to say that Budapest is breathtaking and magical! And, the best way to actually see that magic is from one of the above-mentioned viewpoints!

For more tips about Budapest, check out my 3-day Budapest itinerary, along with the 22 things to do in the Hungarian capital! You can also check my article to learn about the spots around Budapest that are connected to the revolution of 1956.

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5 places for the best panoramic views in Budapest

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