Month: October 2020

Holiday rentals – Best apartments in Milan, Italy

Where to stay in Milan, Italy? You can pick accommodation in Milan such as the best family-friendly hotels, hotels with kitchens in Milan, but also Airbnb, Milan, Italy. If you desire more privacy and fewer people, you can always pick a b&b hotel in Milan, or a stunning luxury b&b Milan. There are many beautiful […]

The ultimate guide on how to eat like a local in Italy

How to eat in Italy? I’ve been planning to write about Italian food habits, and what do Italians eat for many years… However, I admitted to myself, that there was no way I could write an accurate article until I didn’t live in Italy and learned more by myself. After almost 2 years of living […]

Best hidden gems in Milan, Italy

If I think back to my very first visit to Milan in 2017 when I said that the city is overrated, and there’s not much to see… I feel really ashamed! In fact, there are so many amazing things to do in Milan! If anyone says otherwise, they never spent enough time to discover it! […]

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