10 Things to do in the neighborhood of Trastevere Rome

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Trastevere is one of the most authentic, most beautiful, safest, and most charming neighborhoods in Rome. Being on the other side of the River Tevere, it’s less crowded than other parts of the historic center of Rome. We’re going to discuss some of the best things to do in Trastevere Rome Italy, getting into details about the Piazza and the Basilica Santa Maria in Trastevere of course. We’re going to discuss some of the best daytime, and nighttime Trastevere things to do, some of the most unique places to eat, and stay, and the best things to see in Trastevere. Get lost, and fall in love with Rome’s most charming neighborhood!

10 Things to see and do in Trastevere neighborhood Rome

When it comes to the best things to do in Trastevere Rome Italy, it’s always about vibes, history, food, and nightlife. A little heaven in the middle of the busy capital city of Italy. A getaway from the crowds of the main landmarks in the historic center, a place where you can eat just like locals do, and where you can enjoy the Roman nightlife, the real Roman nightlife.

Trastevere is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Rome, being just south of Vatican City, and therefore it has a lot of magic in it. We’ve broken down the article into the 6 best things to do in Trastevere Rome, but if you’re paying attention while reading, you will actually find 10! Oh, and if you’re already in the city, Make sure you roll in a pizza-making cooking class in Rome! That’s such a fabulous food experience in Rome!

1. Roaming around in the neighborhood of Trastevere Rome

trastevere - Rome- ShegoWandering travel inspiration italy 6 Italian habits we love - Learn about Italy

One of the best things to see in Trastevere Rome is the neighborhood itself. Colorful buildings, ivy on the walls, flowers, cute corners, and beautiful squares. That’s the best and honestly the most beautiful of the things to do in Trastevere Rome Italy. There are plenty of cute streets, piazzas packed with restaurants, local shops, and even shows on the streets.

Make sure you visit the streets like Via della Renella, Via della Scala, Via del Moro, and Vicolo del Piede. These I found the most charming of all, but there are plenty of others. Also, I personally had some of the best Italian street food, the best pizza al taglio always in Trastevere. So make sure to check these out if you’re in the neighborhood. These little bars where they sell pizza slices!

2. Restaurants in Trastevere Rome


Trastevere is where many Italians go to eat, and therefore the neighborhood is packed with local, non-touristy restaurants, osterias, trattorias, and other types of Italian restaurants. Make sure you’re checking out some great restaurants in Trastevere, but also remember that this is one of the best neighborhoods for nightlife in Rome!

Trastevere Rome is a paradise of great food and cool bars. All streets that aren’t completely aligned by residential houses have at least 2-3 restaurants, osterias, and bars to try. Some of my favorite things to do in Trastevere Rome is definitely the Aperitivo time for some appetizers, but I had some of the best Pasta alla Carbonara in Trastevere for lunch, as well as steak and pizza for dinner.

The atmosphere in Trastevere over the evening upgrades to an even more vibrant and lively version. The streets are full of people having fun with friends, and enjoying the evening/night. Trastevere is a perfect place for great dinners and drinks! My overall favorite (and it has become a really popular place where you have to wait at lunchtime for over 20 minutes in the line) is Tonnarello! Perfect at all measures!

3. Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere

trastevere rome italy

The square, Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere is one of those things to see in Trastevere Rome that you definitely cannot miss! It’s the most important, the biggest, and the most popular square in the neighborhood, so skipping it isn’t an option! Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere is famous for the cathedral standing on it, but also for the beautiful Renaissance fountain standing on the square.

It’s actually the oldest fountain in Rome, dating back to the 8th century, but today’s look is from the 15th century. The fountain was designed by one of the most significant Renaissance artists, Donato Bramante, with late additions by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Carlo Fonta. Even if today you could see only a copy of it on the square, it still remains the star of the piazza. On top of all this, the square of Santa Maria in Trastevere is packed with bars and restaurants where you could enjoy a great lunch, dinner, or Aperitivo with stunning vibes and views!

4. Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere

As we’ve mentioned, the Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere is just on the Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere. It was completely restored in 2019 and since then, it became one of the most visited churches in Rome by travelers. The Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere is one of the oldest churches in Rome, and it’s one of the best things to see in Trastevere Rome for sure!

This is a Romanesque-style cathedral, with additions of Renaissance and Gothic, especially inside. The Romanesque campanile dates back to the 12th century, while the floor plan to the 340s! It is really, really worth visiting it from the inside. That’s completely free! But that artwork, especially on the ceilings is worth every minute spent in the line. I promise, just look at the reel we’ve made and shared above!

5. Gianicolo Hill, Rome

gianicolo hill

Hiking up on Gianicolo Hill is definitely one of the best things to do in Trastevere Rome Italy! It’s really easy to reach the stairs of the hill from the neighborhood, and it’s not a long walk to find some of the best things to see in Trastevere Rome! The Gianicolo hill is one of the most beautiful hidden gems of the city!

You can visit here the Fontana di Acqua Paola at first. It was designed and built at the beginning of the 17th century, by Giovanni Fontana and Flaminio Ponzio. This fountain is almost as big as the Trevi Fountain and it also served as an inspiration for the design of the Trevi Fountain itself. It’s one of the most important, yet hidden fountains of Rome!

Passing the fountain, if you continue walking to the top of the hill, you’ll arrive at a viewpoint from which there’s a spectacular panoramic view over the skyline of Rome, with the Apennine mountains in the background. You’ll also find here the enormous statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the leader of the Italian unification in the 19th century.

Rome has some spots with spectacular views! Gianicolo Hill is one of them. Read about the top 10 places with breathtaking views in Rome to learn about all viewpoints that are worth visiting! Since Gianicolo isn’t really popular just yet, you can also enjoy a quiet walk, without crowds, while admiring the beautiful city.

6. Hotels in Trastevere Rome – Why stay in this neighborhood?

trastevere rome

Well, if everything you have just finished reading above didn’t give you enough reasons why you should stay in Trastevere Rome when you’re visiting the city, we’ve got some extra reasons for you! We have also prepared a list of the best hotels in Trastevere you can check! Now, Trastevere Rome Italy is one of the safest, most peaceful, most charming neighborhoods, which is also not so far from the landmarks in the historic center.

Imagine waking up every morning in such a lovely Roman neighborhood, getting out of the building, having a short walk on the cobbled stones, and arriving to the nearest cafe to get the perfect Italian cappuccino and morning pastries. That’s already a vibe on its own, don’t you agree? To experience the real Roman vibes, you must stay somewhere where it still exists in its full integrity!

For ladies who’re traveling on a lower budget, I highly recommend the Orsa Maggiore Hostel for Women ONLY. It’s nice, it’s affordable and it’s just for women, which especially for first-timers in Rome, or newbie solo travel girls can really give an extra sense of safety. It’s also very close to the center, literally 9 minutes away from Piazza Navona!

Would like to highlight the B&Bs as this neighborhood is a golden chamber with nice b&bs like Villa della Fontane and B&B Suites Trastevere. For more accommodation recommendations, make sure you check our list of hotels in the neighborhood!

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10 Things to do in the neighborhood of Trastevere Rome

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