Rome Photo Gallery – Colors of the Eternal City

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When we think about Rome, and Italy in particular, there’s no way we could imagine it without the sun, the warm colors, and the beautiful architecture. My imagination reflects on my pictures. The reason I’m creating and using my own Lightroom presets, is because there’s nobody else who could create the colors and lights that I have in my mind when I think about a specific location. This Rome photo gallery will show you the colors of the Eternal City, as I see it.

If you’re the first time on my blog, welcome! What you’ll need to know, that I’ve started my blogging and photographer career thanks to my love for Rome! ShegoWandering wouldn’t exist without the Eternal City’s positive influence on my life!

The Italian capital city was the place I’ve started to write the most about in here. Not just because it was my most visited destination in Italy, but because it’s just way too charming to not see it! It has a vibe, a magic that made me absolutely obsessed 5 years ago.

About the Rome photo gallery

During the times of lockdowns and quarantines, I’ve been going through my pictures taken in Rome in the past years. I was really surprised to notice how many beautiful spots I captured over the years, and how many of these were completely forgotten. For some reason, I never noticed the beauty in the seemingly bad shots. But the beauty is there!

I’ve spent some time composing, editing these forgotten photos, and I have decided to share it in a gallery altogether. The post is including pictures of the colorful streets of Rome, parks, viewpoints, bridges, fountains, squares, and monuments! I hope this will serve as an inspiration for you, to awaken your curiosity, to see Rome for yourself (even again)!

Centro Storico – Streets in the historic center of Rome

There’s nothing I love to do more in Rome, than to just wander around on those colorful cobblestoned streets in the historic center!

The first time I did it, it was in 2015, on my very first evening in Rome. I’ve been there with my high school best friend, and we managed to get lost on an otherwise very simple route. While we’ve been trying to find the way out from the labyrinth of narrow streets, we’ve passed by many pretty streets and beautiful buildings. Love at first sight!

Since that first time, now I’m willingly spending hours roaming around with my camera and randomly exploring new places. My Rome photo gallery is containing at least 15 thousand pictures. Here are some of my favorite shots from the past 5 years of the colorful streets in Rome!

  • Via della Reginella & Via dei Pastini

  • Corner of Via dei Condotti & Piazza di Spagna
Via dei Condotti, Rome Italy

  • Via del Governo Vecchio & Vicolo del Malpasso

  • Via del Moro & Via della Pelliccia
Streets of Trastevere, Rome Italy

  • Vicolo del Malpasso & Vicolo della Schimia

  • Vicolo Moroni
Streets of Trastevere, Rome Italy

Iconic monuments in Rome, Italy

The stunning monuments are the main reason we’re all visiting Rome, obviously! Seeing the magnificent Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum… These are on everybody’s bucket list who’s ever thought to visit Rome. If not, I hope they will be now!

The iconic monuments got me to fall in love with this city over and over again. Whenever I’m visiting Rome, even though I’ve seen everything 10 times, I’m always, always re-doing my attractions walking tour, visiting all iconic monuments in Rome, and admiring them as it’s the first time.

  • Pantheon – Piazza della Rotonda
Pantheon, rome, italy, roma italia

  • Altare della Patria – Piazza Venezia
Altare della Patria, Piazza Venezia, Rome, Italy

  • Castel Sant’ Angelo
Castel Sant' Angelo, St Angels' Castel, Rome, Italy

  • Basilica San Pietro – Via della Conciliazione
st peter's basilica, rome italy

  • Roman Forum – from the Capitolium Hill
Roman Forum, Foro Romano, Rome, Italy

  • Spanish Steps – Piazza di Spagna
Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Italy

Stunning fountains around the city of Rome

The fountains in Rome are at least as famous as for every other iconic place we’ve just seen. Just think about the Trevi Fountain, the Fontana di Quatro Fiumi in the middle of Piazza Navona, and dozens more! On every piazza, and all around the city, you’ll keep seeing these amazing structures from different ages.

Lorenzo Bernini is one of my favorite architects, and in Rome, there are numerous fountains, all designed by him. Some of these are on Piazza Navona, Piazza San Pietro, and Piazza Repubblica. An article with the most beautiful fountains around Rome will be published soon! For now, let’s see the next coming pieces of the Rome photo gallery!

ItaliaRail 728x90
  • Fontana del Pantheon – Piazza della Rotonda
Pantheon, rome, italy, roma italia

  • The Fontana del Moderno – Piazza San Pietro
piazza san pietro, rome italy
  • Fontana di Santa Maria in Trastevere – Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere
Piazza in Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome, Italy

  • Trevi Fountain – Piazza di Trevi
Trevi Fountain, Rome Italy

  • Fontana del Moro – Piazza Navona
Fontana del Moro, Piazza Navona, Rome Italy

  • La Barcaccia – Piazza di Spagna
fontana della barcaccia piazza di spagna rome roma italy

Bridges, parks, and viewpoints around Rome

Now, here they are! My favorite shots from some of my favorite places around Rome. There are plenty of stunning bridges along the Tevere river, as well as beautiful viewpoints from (a few of) the 7 hills of Rome. Angels on the bridges. and a view above 2000 years of history. That’s all Rome!

What about the parks in Rome? In the parks, there are old and new sculptures, statues, fountains, and lakes, along beautiful sidewalks and beautiful vegetation. You’ll find numerous of them! Also, you’ll not have to go far from the city center either to visit some of the most stunning ones! Here are some more photos of Rome!
  • Ponte Sant’ Angelo – from Lungotevere Castello
bridges of Rome Italy

  • Ponte Vittorio Emmanuele II – from Lungotevere dei Sangallo
Tiberina Island and bridge, Rome Italy

  • Via di San Gregorio
traveling to Rome, Italy

  • Tempio di Esculapio – Villa Borghese
villa borghese, rome italy

  • Orologio ad Acqua – Villa Borghese
villa borghese, rome italy

  • Fonte Gaia – Villa Borghese
villa borghese, rome italy

  • Orange Park – Aventino Hill
orange park aventino hill, rome italy

  • Villa Borghese
villa borghese, rome, italy

  • Viale del Belvedere – At Villa Borghese
viewpoint villa borghese, Rome Italy

Tours and activities in Rome

Beyond the Rome photo gallery, find inspiration and things to see and do in Rome!

Even though I’ve been in Rome 9 times so far, I feel like I haven’t seen anything. The bucket list is still full, and I can’t wait to share all the things to see and do in Rome with you!

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Rome Photo Gallery – Colors of the Eternal City

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  1. Absolutely stunning photos! Rome is one my favourite places. We were due to come back in September but have to postpone – your photos are giving me major wanderlust!

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