How To use lead source tracking in Google Analytics

lead source tracking in Google Analytics
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Keeping track of your website analytics, and measuring your progress is essential when you’re running a business. Before we get to speak about how you can use lead source tracking in Google Analytics, let’s see what WordPress plugin you need for it!

Monsterinsights plugin

MonsterInsights is the most popular and probably one of the best Google Analytics essential WordPress plugin. It makes it possible for you to properly connect your website with Google Analytics, so you can have detailed and exact reports on how people use and find your website.

This is super helpful to optimize your website accordingly and increase traffic, subscriptions, and revenue. MonsterInsights has a free version as well. However, to truly benefit from it, you should consider using the Premium version of MonsterInsights.

How to use lead source tracking in Google Analytics?

Using Monsterinsights is a must for every website! Now, what’s the secret to generating more revenue from email marketing? Having many leads doesn’t mean many sales. You must generate qualified leads to be able to generate more sales. But what is lead quality and what does it have to do with lead source tracking in Google Analytics? Especially, what does this all have to do with the MonsterInsights plugin? Let me explain it to you!

So first of all, what is Lead Quality?

Lead quality is the factor that will allow you to see how likely are your subscribers to become paying customers. The higher the quality, the more likely you’ll turn them into paying customers. Obviously, the measures of lead quality may vary upon your lead generation strategy and your products. Though, there are a few ways to see if the prospects are right for your business or not!

You can determine your lead quality by measuring if people download your freebie, if they open your email, contact you with sales questions, or they browse through your products and pages?

The next question is how you can measure your Lead Quality?

Here comes the MonsterInsights plugin. The first step to measure your lead quality is to track downloads on your website, which you can do with this plugin. The file download tracking is integrated into the plugin. To find out how many times people download your freebie or lead magnet, you just need to check your Google Analytics event report.

To track your sales queries, you’ll need to add to MonsterInsights the Forms addon or use WPForms where you can automatically add users to your email list with a simple checkbox in the contact form.

To measure page visits, you need to set up Google Analytics goals, so you can track how many people are browsing your important pages. These numbers can make you understand if people are interested in your offer, and what you should change.

So why use lead source tracking in Google Analytics?

Some of the main reasons that you should focus on your leads are as following:

  • To understand your visitors
  • Measure how well your marketing campaigns are doing
  • By understanding visitor behavior, you can focus on the channels that are trending
  • Find new content ideas – with this you can also use Semrush for topic ideas
  • Identify your traffic gaps and work on them

How to check your lead source tracking in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics might be overwhelming, and it needs some time to figure it all out. To make the process easier, you can connect your Google Analytics with MonsterInsights which’s, as I said, the best WordPress plugin to understand your websites’ analytics. So all you need to do to check your lead source tracking in Google Analytics without further waste of time or struggle is to have the Monsterinsights plugin installed in WordPress!

How To use lead source tracking in Google Analytics

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