100 Pinterest group boards you MUST join

pinterest group boards to join
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How to join group boards on Pinterest? You must know, that Pinterest is one of the best platforms to grow traffic on your website. If you’re using it the right way, it can bring you even more traffic than the search engines! One of the most important parts of growing on Pinterest, and with that, to grow traffic on your blog is to join Pinterest group boards. So if you’ve been asking any of the following questions: how to find group boards on Pinterest? how to join group boards on Pinterest? how do I join a group board on Pinterest? or how do I find group boards on Pinterest, you’ll find out now! Also, you’ll find a Pinterest group boards list for different niches.

How to join Pinterest group boards?

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? If you ask where to find group boards on Pinterest, well first of all scroll down and you’ll find the best Pinterest group boards list. Otherwise, you can also search in the Pinterest search for them! Now, if you’re asking how to get on Pinterest group boards, that’s another story! But I’ll share it with you, don’t worry!

Right below you’ll find out why you should be joining group boards as well as you’ll find a list of group boards to join for different niches. Boost your traffic right away!

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Reasons to join Pinterest group boards

Why do people join Pinterest group boards? Why are you asking how to find group boards to join on Pinterest? The whole reason of this article is to show you why it’s worth getting the answers on how to join groups on Pinterest. Let’s see the main reasons:

  1. If you’re new to Pinterest, pinning to high-quality group boards can increase the quality of your account for the algorithm.
  2. Pinterest group boards have usually a lot of followers, so you’ll have the chance to get repins and click-throughs.
  3. Being an active contributor to popular group boards can make you in the eyes of Pinterest a high-quality pinner. That just means more traffic.
  4. As Pinterest prefers those, who are actively using the platform, and not just for self-promotion, repinning from Pinterest group boards will get you in an even better position.
  5. With the right sharing app, such as Tailwind, you get the chance to grow your Pinterest traffic and visibility.

How to find group boards on Pinterest? How to join group boards on Pinterest?

So how do I join a group board on Pinterest? This is quite simple actually. Joining Pinterest group boards has some different ways. Some owners require you just to click on the join button, or maybe they also ask you to follow their profile. Others may ask you to fill up a form online, that they will review, and if your profile qualifies with their topic, they will invite you in. There are many, who require you to drop them a message on Pinterest, which is actually the easy way. However, there are also many of those, who ask you to send them an email.

How to get on Pinterest group board if they ask to email them?

Some Pinterest group boards to join require that email contact. As simple as you can, write it down why you want to join the group board. Explain the relevance between your account, blog, or business and say that you’re going to respect the rules. Include why you want to join in 1-2 sentences, and just ask them nicely to add you. If you need to send it in email, make sure to share with them your Pinterest username or a link to your profile, so they can check you out!

How to start pinning effectively to Pinterest group boards?

The best group boards on Pinterest help you get extra traffic, pins, and site visits. If you’re using more group boards, you will find it soon really hard to keep track of everything and pin on more boards near your own. To effectively use group boards, and save time for yourself, you must join Tailwind. This platform is used to schedule pins for Pinterest, and it is highly effective to save you time. You can manage your pins on the platform, and schedule them not just for your own boards, but also for group boards.

I’m using Tailwind for more than a year now, and it saves me monthly many hours of work with Pinterest. You can find out more about Tailwind by going on the platform itself or also reading my article that will tell you about all the ins and outs I learned about using Pinterest.

How to find group boards on Pinterest?

How to find the best group boards on Pinterest? Yes I know I already told you the answer… So I’ll keep my word and share with you my Pinterest group boards list, where you can join Pinterest travel group boards, or the best fashion group boards Pinterest to join.

Here are 100 best Pinterest group boards list by Niche

Beauty based Pinterest group boards

  1. Our Favorite Beauty Tips and Tutorials
  2. Beauty & Hair Tips
  3. Nail It! Community Board
  4. Our Favorite Beauty Tips and Tutorials
  5. Beauty & Hair Tips
  6. Natural Beauty and Skincare
  7. Beauty Bloggers {Group Board}
  8. Beauty Community Board for Makeup & Skincare Recommendations, Reviews and More
  9. Hair and Beauty
  10. Makeup and Style Group Board

Best Pinterst group boards for Blogging & Business

  1. Infopreneur Resources // Creative Entrepreneurs
  2. Pinvolve // Pinterest Business Community
  3. #savvybusinessowner Group Board
  4. Blog and Business Tips
  5. Creative Bloggers & Biz Owners
  6. Social + Creative Biz Tips
  7. Blog Babes Group Board
  8. Blogging & Online Business Tips
  9. Small Biz & Startup Tips
  10. All Things Blogging
  11. Share Blog + Biz Tips (Group Board)
  13. Blogging Tips & Tricks | By ShellyRawlings.com
  15. Pinteresting Bloggers
  16. Social Media Sisters

Fashion group boards Pinterest

  1. fashion and lifestyle bloggers || group board
  2. Fashionista Bloggers Group Board
  4. Fashion – Fall and Winter Outfit Ideas
  5. Female Fashion Bloggers
  6. Life + Style Bloggers
  7. Street Style Outfits
  8. The Weekly Style Edit – Best of Fashion Bloggers
  9. Affordable Fashions
  10. ~ Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers ~
  11. Outfit Inspo
  12. Love the Shoes
  13. Style Envy
  14. Blogger Style
  15. Fashion Bloggers | How We Wore It
  16. Top Style Bloggers

Food and Recipes board

  1. Easy Recipes
  2. Italian Recipes board
  3. Hungry Bloggers: Our Favorite Recipes
  4. Keto & Low Carb Recipe Exchange
  5. All Kinds of Brownies
  6. Healthy Appetizers & Cocktails
  7. Cooking Tips and Recipes From The REAL Cooks!
  8. Delicious gluten free recipes
  9. Summer Treats
  10. Vegan Family Recipes
  11. Easy Family-Friendly Desserts
  12. Food Bloggers Group Board
  13. A Food Group Board
  14. Bloggers Amazing Good Eats, Yummy Treats & Heavenly Sweets Recipes… Bon Appétit

Mum blogs and Parenting

  1. A Mom + Kid Group Board
  2. Busy Mom Life
  3. Mama Entrepreneurs
  4. Mom Bloggers Collective
  5. Mommy Blogger Top Picks
  6. Mom’s Run the World- Group Board
  7. What Moms Want Group Board
  8. Blogger Moms That Rock Group Board
  9. Mummy Bloggers Posts Group Board
  10. Mama Love

Lifestyle Blogs

  1. Whatcha bloggin about?
  2. The Creative Lifestyle Bloggers
  3. Blogging Buddies
  4. Bloggers Gonna Blog
  5. Coffee-Loving Bloggers
  6. Life Well Loved
  7. BloggingLikeABoss
  8. The Blogging Collective
  10. Inspired and Mindful Living (Group Board)
  12. Your Life Styled (Group Board)
  13. Life & Culture Group Board
  14. Joyful Quotes for Thoughtful Folks

Pinterest Travel group boards

  1. Travel Tips and Advice
  2. Let There Be Travel
  3. Luxury Traveler
  5. Girls Gone Global
  6. A Traveler’s World (Ideas, Recommendations & Tips)
  7. Best Travel Destinations
  8. Best Places to Visit Europe
  9. Beautiful Places & Travel Plan
  10. Travel Tips and Advice
  11. Traveler’s Corner
  12. Travel Bucket List
  13. Travel Inspiration
  15. Fellow Travel Bloggers
  16. Everything Travel – Tips, Guides, Advice
  17. Travel: Dream it, Live it
  18. The Big Travel Bucket List
  19. Travel Tips & Posts
  20. Best Family Travel – Group Board
  21. Travel group board – a travel community
  22. Women Who Travel

Best ways to effectively use Pinterest group boards

As I have mentioned at the beginning, the most effective way to use Pinterest group boards to grow your Pinterest account, as well as the traffic on your website is:

First, make sure that you’re an active user of Pinterest, so you’re not pinning just your pins, but you’re repinning from group boards into your own boards as well.

Second, sign up for Tailwind, to save yourself time, and get access to the best way that you can manage your pins, groups, and boards. You can also join Tailwind tribes, which work just like the Pinterest group boards. Helping each other by supporting each other. That’s the key!

I hope you’ve got your answer on how to find group boards to join on Pinterest and also on how to get on Pinterest group boards. Make sure to check out our other guides for traffic growth!

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Pin Me: 100 Pinterest Group Boards by Niche – How to find group boards on Pinterest?

100 Pinterest group boards you MUST join

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