How to boost website conversion with Exit-Intent Popups

boost website conversion
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A really sad fact about websites, blogs, and eCommerce stores is, that most of the visitors you had one day, might never return. According to OptinMonster, more than 70% of these visitors will never return to your website. Imagine if you could catch more visitors and make them return time after time to your site. In this article, we’ll be discussing how you can boost website conversion using a simple tool called Exit-Intent Popups.

Why is it important to boost website conversion? Because in most cases, about 95-98% of your marketing, SEO, and Social Media efforts can go to the bin, if you can’t convert your visitors into email subscribers. If you catch them before they leave, you can add them to your mailing list, and make them return more often to your website. These subscribers are also your potential new customers too! Don’t forget that!

How to boost website conversion?

What is OptinMonster?

Let’s start with the basics. What is OptinMonster and how can it help to boost your website conversion? OptionMonster is a WordPress plugin, that’s working with more types of websites besides WordPress, such as Squarespace, WooCommerce, Shopify, and much more. A plugin that’s essential for email marketing!

With OptinMonster, you can create subscriber forms, that you can place all over your website. There is a range of options that you can choose from starting with pop-up forms, in-line forms, full-screen forms, and more. OptinMonster offers another tool, that’s really useful if you’d like to boost website conversion and collect subscribers, or drive sales to your website. These the Exit-Intent Popups.

What are the OptinMonster Exit-Intent Popups?

The Exit-Intent technology is based on user behavior. Basically, it’s tracking and monitoring the movements on your website and it’s detecting when a visitor wants to leave your page. When let’s say a user wants to abandon your website before making a purchase or leaving their information, an exit-intent popup will show up to stop them.

The whole technology is made to capture more leads and reduce cart abandonment, therefore it helps to boost conversions on your website. If you’re using OptinMonster’s exit-intent popups, you can convert an extra 2 to 4% of your visitors into customers or email subscribers. That’s a great number if you’re thinking about the number of emails and customers that you can collect in the long run.

Use Exit-Intent for eCommerce shops

The OptinMonster Exit-Intent popups are most likely used and useful for eCommerce websites. One of the main reasons that you should use this plugin if you have an online shop is to reduce cart abandonment on your shop, and also to boost website conversion.

When a user for some reason doesn’t want to complete their purchase, the exit-intent technology will detect if they are about to leave your website, and the popup form will show up. Within these forms, you can use a range of different targeted campaigns.

Exit-Intent popup examples to boost website conversion:

  • Offer a Discount
  • Offer free shipping
  • Add urgency, such as a discount available for just a limited time
  • Suggest related products/popular products
  • Invite them to customer chat support
  • Invite them to subscribe to your email list to get a discount

Using exit-intent for lead generation and content marketing

This is the part that I’d like to highlight for all website owners, but especially for bloggers. We all know how much struggle it can be to collect emails, especially if we’re not using proper plugins for lead generation. A blog is as successful as much traffic it can get, so subscribers and email marketing are super important! Not just for traffic, but also if you’re selling your own products within your blog website.

To boost website conversion, OptinMonster is a key WordPress plugin to use to capture those subscribers. Unfortunately, many times the simple sign-up forms aren’t enough. But, here come the Exit-Intent popups! With the exit-intent technology, you can boost your website conversion by 200-600% when it comes to email subscribers. Imagine that you’re getting a maximum of 10 subscribers a week, and when you start using OptinMonster, you can potentially get that to 60. Then multiply it with one month’s time and you’re already having a really impressive number of new subscribers, who you can guide back to your blog every time you send out newsletters!

So how to get users subscribing to your newsletters when they are done reading your article? With the exit-intent technology, you can create popup forms that will stop users from leaving right away, and get them to subscribe first. You can go even further to optimize your campaigns with smart tags for OptinMonster.

You can do this by creating OptinMonster exit-intent forms such as:

  • Offering a free ebook/digital product that they can download
  • Offer to sign up for a free product trial
  • Sign up for webinars
  • Offer them to get free resources on specific topics
  • Create a Quiz
  • Offer a solution and make it catching

The beauty of these signup forms is, that you can create them to match your content and your goals. The designer dashboard is super easy to use, with a simple drag and drop system. OptinMonster allows you to create different forms and different exit-intents for different categories or topics, so you can focus separately on users coming to your website with different interests.

How to use exit-intent popups for mobile?

While the Exit-Intent Popups are functioning great on PC and laptop, you might be wondering how this works on mobile, right? Well, since there’s no mouse to track user behavior, the technology is looking for other types of behaviors. For example, if a user is scrolling up to the top quickly, or when they try to press the back button. In these two cases, the exit-intent activates and shows up on the mobile devices to stop users from leaving.

In the OptinMonster dashboard, you can set up different behaviours, timing, and actions for your forms, that will help you boost website conversion increase lead-generation, and drive sales!

Wrapping up: How to boost website conversion?

There are many different subscriber forms, plugins to use. Free and premium ones as well. However, if you’re serious about your marketing strategy, OptinMonster will not let you down! As I have mentioned, the way you can increase lead generation and boost website conversion is by using the Exit-Intent Popups. This is definitely one of the best-known ways to stop those users before leaving your website to subscribe or purchase.

If you’re searching for more tips, check out how you can increase blog traffic using Pinterest, and also how to increase organic traffic to your website. If you’re new to blogging, make sure that you’ve checked the essential WordPress plugins you’ll need too! For the last one, check out the Business resolutions you must-have for this year!

If you don’t have a website yet, but you’re collecting essential information before you start your own, make sure to pick the right hosting! Check out Bluehost, a leading website hosting provider.

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How to boost website conversion with Exit-Intent Popups

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