The Ultimate 20 History Inspired TV Shows

While I’ve been working on this list of the ultimate 20 history inspired tv show, I realized something. I watched already so many series just in the history category! As somebody who loves history, who has also been a history major at university, I just couldn’t handle myself. I had to watch them all! Another […]

20 Best Travel Movies – a list that you ladies will love!

History and travel movies/books were my favorites since I was a kid. Once on an expedition with Jules Verne, searching for gold in Alaska. Other times I was walking on the streets of Paris with Alexander Dumas, during the French Revolution in the 18th century. The same applied to travel movies. Every time I’ve seen […]

10 historical tv series about Italy and the Roman Empire

Do you love indulging in history as I do? Are you looking for Rome tv series or other Roman Empire tv series? Are you looking for shows like Spartacus on Netflix? Watching the best historical tv-series is always great to travel back in time, and imagine how life was at that time. If you’re here, […]

10 movies to see before visiting Italy

Italy is a dream. The beautiful cities and charming towns, breathtaking landscapes, vineyards, architecture, history, culture, and food… Everything that meant Italy inspires many of us, as well as it inspired many amazing movies over the decades. With that said, it’s really difficult to choose the 10 actual best movies set in Italy, since every […]

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