Skyline Milan – A luxury apartment in Milan

skyline milan
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If you’re looking for a fabulous experience in the fashion capital, you want to make sure that you’re making the best decisions while planning your trip! To have a really unique experience, you need to start at the basics, as picking the best accommodation in Milan! You can pick luxury hotels, as well as luxury penthouses, apartments. Now, to make that experience really unique, you have to ask yourself this question:

Where to stay in Milan?

Milan is one of the most amazing cities in Europe, and it’s one of the fastest developing metropolises, where fashion is combined with business and Italian history. The city of Milan is combining the luxury with the old, the shiny with the charming. This city is where you have to let yourself live to soak it all in!

To make sure you’re doing the basics right, you should first pick the perfect accommodation! The perfect luxurious accommodation! One of the best-rated, most beautiful penthouses you’ll find in the city is definitely the luxury apartment, Skyline Milan! If you’re on the hunt for luxury hotels in Milan, we got you covered there too! Make sure you check out our list!

Skyline Milan – the penthouse where to stay in Milan

skyline milan

Skyline Milan, stay in a breathtaking penthouse in the heart of Milan, steps away from the central train station. This neighborhood is really overloaded with 5* accommodations, so you can expect to meet high standards!

Skyline Milan penthouse offers to its guests an exceptional stay in the name of luxury and exclusivity. It is really a unique place!

If the photos already spoke for themselves, the confrontation with reality always calls for the same reactions: first comes the amazement, then the wonder, finally the disproportionate satisfaction of being able to stay in a house suspended in the sky and in time.

About Skyline Milan

skyline milan

“Skyline Milan was born in 2019 from a very specific desire, that of creating a receptive hub that did not exist in the Lombard capital, so well a luxurious, technological and sustainable structure, in the district of the best hotels in Milan” says Francesco, the owner. Skyline Milan is contemporary jewel respectful of the environment producing its own energy thanks to photovoltaic panels.

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The penthouse in the heart of Milan is reserving many surprises for its guests! In particular an amazing panoramic rooftop that’s offering a 360-degree view of the city, skyscrapers, and the spectacular Italian mountain ranges.

A luxury apartment in Milan – Skyline Milan

While booking your luxury apartment in Milan, you need to know, that Skyline Milan is more than a stay! It is a real experience that you can soak in, and live up within the walls of the apartment. An unforgettable, almost sensory experience where guests will enjoy a magnificent view from every corner of the house.

“A characteristic that not only inspired the choice of the name but guided the entire design. The philosophy of the construction, combined with a judicious choice of natural materials and an obsession with details, induced to relax becomes a source of inspiration and instills an extraordinary feeling of freedom and well-being. “

A top-of-the-range welcome at Skyline Milan

skyline milan

Spread over three floors, the penthouse offers its visitors maximum comfort, while doted with all the latest amenities and accessories you will need! From its hammam sauna with chromotherapy to its heated panoramic jacuzzi on the terrace, everything is done to relax, to enjoy this privileged place in all serenity and privacy.

The structure is constantly evolving, always with a view to wanting to surprise the visitors of Skyline Milan. Combining all this beauty, the welcome delivered personally to each guest is also part of the undeniable charm of this atypical residence. “With professionalism and empathy, we assist and support clients before and throughout their stay.” said Francesco. A fictional setting, Skyline Milan could well become the one for your next stay!

Facilities in Skyline Milan

skyline milan

If you already have the answer on where to stay in Milan, let’s see beside the breathtaking panorama, and luxurious residence, what else you need to know before booking at Skyline Milan!

The apartment is situated one street away from the Milano Centrale train station, with metro access just two steps away from the block. You can reach the Piazza di Duomo, the financial district or Navigli as well within a short metro ride! You can also take the tram that’s stopping at the station or roll with an electric scooter.


There’s also a cafe right outside the building, with tasty aperitivo for the afternoons, and tasty bacery products on the side of your morning cappuccino. If you choose Skyline Milan for your stay in Milan, this penthouse will be amazing for different types of travels. For example, if you’re on a business trip, a couple trip, or a group trip as well! The residence has 2 spacious, beautiful rooms with double bed, and sofa bed as well, which is great, if you’re heading to Milan for example on a friends getaway.

As I’ve been wondering around this amazing luxury apartment in Milan, and I also noticed, that Skyline Milan can be amazing for a girls trip, or men trip as well, as for a crazy bachelorette party in Milan! As for the big space, and amazing rooftop terrace, the penthouse is also hosting private events and smaller parties.

How to book your stay at Skyline Milan?

The address of Skyline Milan is Via Napo Torriani, 29 – 20124 Milano MI – Italia. If you want to get in touch in direct contact, you can do so on or over the phone on +393355461897. Alternatively, you can book your stay directly on the website of Skyline Milan, or alternatively on or Airbnb!

The Milan Outfit

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Skyline Milan – A luxury apartment in Milan

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  1. I really wish I had known about this place when I visited Milan last year! It looks incredible and definitely somewhere I would love to stay! I’ll keep it in mind when I return to Milan.

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