Top Useful Backpacking Tips for Beginners

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Is there anything cooler in life than finding awesome travel backpacking tips and tricks for your next trip? I think not, friend. There are many interesting hobbies out there worth checking. Dog shows, painting, or exploring the country in a campervan. Still, one of my passions is finding awesome backpack packing tips, and learning how to pack a suitcase like a pro. I’m that kind of solo female traveler, always on the go, always happy when I come across new packing tips for long term travel and short weekends.

It’s not always easy to stay in one place for me. I love traveling and I love getting out of the country. It doesn’t matter whether I’m looking for packing tips for airplane travel or looking to rent or purchase a campervan. If you are interested in purchasing a campervan yourself, you can check some great pre-owned models at However, if you are in great physical condition, you can always try backpacking! It is an excellent option for nature lovers and those who need to get away from their responsibilities for a few days.

We all want to get out of our own lives at some point, and that’s very much okay. But you can’t just go like that, without even knowing some of the best backpack packing tips for international travel. Do you want to know how to go about it? We’ve put together a fine-tuned list of backpacking tips and tricks for you. Keep reading to find a bunch of helpful backpacking tips for absolute beginners. We’ve included choosing an easy destination, getting the essential gear and clothing, planning your food, and getting ready for your trip. Read carefully, and you’ll soon be a pro!

Backpacking Tips and Tricks: Choose an Easy Destination

Top Backpacking Tips and Tricks for Beginners - Airplane, Toddlers, Nature

The first of our backpacking tips and tricks would be to choose an easy destination. If you want to make your backpacking trip a success, you need to start with a small challenge. Step by step, little by little. Ultra light backpacking tips start with a good destination, whether you’re looking for packing tips for long term travel or just a weekend away.

First up in our list of travel packing tips – you need to consider elements such as your physical condition, the terrain, and the weather. In order to avoid getting lost in the wilderness, it is best to choose a place where the trails are clearly marked and maintained. On top of that, you should avoid going to “dangerous” places. I am talking about harsh weather conditions or the risks of being attacked by wild animals and criminals. Those are easy and reasonable packing tips for travel with toddlers, for instance.

Once you have decided on a destination, check local trail maps and guidebooks. You might need to get the plane, so check out the best packing tips for international travel and airline limitations. Surprises really are something we want to avoid at all costs. When we arrive at the airport, for instance. Some good travel packing tips for airport security include avoiding bringing big bottles, your family heirloom knife, or batteries in your carry-on bag. You can also discuss your plans with someone who has been to your destination before. Travel is experience, and sharing is caring.

Get Essential Gear and Clothing

Top Backpacking Tips and Tricks for Beginners - Airplane, Toddlers, Nature

Once you have chosen your destination, it is time to get the essential gear and clothing. Usual backpacking tips and tricks usually include having a good preparation. Think about what clothing you will need for your backpacking trip, for instance. Only with a clear vision can you know how to pack a suitcase like a pro. Depending on the location, the season of your journey, and the intensity of the weather conditions, your clothing needs can vary quite a bit.

Moreover, you need to get your hands on a backpack, a sleeping bag, and a tent. You can buy these things at stores, but if you are a newbie backpacker, it is a great idea to borrow them from a friend first. Borrow, borrow, borrow one of the best backpack packing tips I can give you.

If you need to take the plane, check out the limitations and the baggage allowance from the airline you’re using – one of the best packing tips for airplane travel! Being prepared will avoid you having to throw away your things or having to pay an excess rate for the overweight, for instance. If you decide to do some serious backpacking after your first trip, invest in quality gear and clothing of your own. Backpacking in nature is not an activity that you can do without proper equipment!

Ultra Light Backpacking Tips: Plan Your Food

Top Backpacking Tips and Tricks for Beginners - Airplane, Toddlers, Nature

I’ll grant it to you. Packing tips for travel with toddlers is different than travel packing tips for long term travel when you’re solo. Still, planning your food is equally important as getting your gear ready. Backpacking tips and tricks include breaking down your usual way of eating and transforming it into a backpacking-friendly solution.

It doesn’t matter how many travel insurance tips for backpackers you’ve read if you don’t know how to feed yourself while traveling. That’s where backpacking food tips come in handy, right? Once you are out in the forest with no supplies around, it might be hard to find food. If you do not plan for this scenario, your backpacking trip will be ruined. To make sure you have enough food on your trip, prepping before leaving home is essential.

To be fair, this doesn’t really count as the best packing tips for international travel. Indeed, I’m really thinking of forests, lakes, and nature while writing this part. But still. Make sure you bring foods that do not require cooking, such as jerky, energy bars, nuts, and healthy camping snacks. That’s one of the best travel packing tips for airport security too. The goal is to avoid spending money on duty-free foods (which are as unhealthy as it gets, most of the time).

You can also bring some instant noodles or oatmeal that only requires hot water to cook. This way, even if your campfire is gone and there’s no firewood available, you will still have something to eat. And of course, make sure you bring a lot of water with you.

Backpacking tips and tricks: Get Ready for Your Trip

Top Backpacking Tips and Tricks for Beginners - Airplane, Toddlers, Nature

To get ready for a trip, especially if you’re camping, you want to make sure you’ve got the best wild camping tents! Get ready thoughtfully and consciously. Getting ready for your trip means making sure that you have packed all the necessary stuff. Do you know how to pack a suitcase like a pro? It’s easy. You need to have everything easily accessible. The last thing that you want is to spend time digging through your backpack during the whole of your trip!

Make sure that your clothes and other equipment are easy to reach and organized well. On top of that, remember to dress weather-appropriately and wear comfortable boots for hiking – they will surely come in handy when walking through rough terrain. When it comes to eating, once again, one of the best backpacking food tips is to eat just before arriving at the airport or to take just a few healthy snacks and fruit. That way, you won’t have to spend a tenner or break a bill when you have to buy overpriced food at the airport.

Preparation means success. One of the best packing tips for airplane travel I can give you is to prepare a small Ziploc bag. Put inside all the 100 mL bottles and liquids ready to get out of your backpack. That’s one of the cool travel packing tips that save me so much time when I arrive at the airport.

Avoid all kinds of big bottles and heavy things. That’s one of the most basic ultra light backpacking tips, but at times we just want to do it our way and end up having to throw away large containers in the airport’s trash cans. It is also an excellent idea to make a checklist of things you need to prepare for your backpacking trip. By doing so, you will be able to avoid forgetting anything important.

Backpacking Tips and Tricks: Travel With Experienced Backpackers

Well, the moment to actually use all the great backpack packing tips for airplane travel has to come at some point, right? After you have prepared for your trip, it is time to start packing and head out. Make sure to check out how to pack a suitcase like a pro, and to travel with experienced backpackers who can guide you through your first journey. This is not only a great way to learn from others, but also to make new friends!

In order to find other backpackers, you can ask some of your experienced friends or join a backpacking forum or a club. You can even go online and look for other backpackers who are willing to travel together.

Ultra Light Backpacking Tips and Tricks: A Conclusion

Those are some helpful backpacking tips for beginners that I’ve tried to break down for you in this mini-guide. Most importantly, you should remember that traveling with just a backpack is a hobby that requires preparation. Not only on the physical level but also from an organizational point of view. That’s why I feel like packing tips for travel with toddlers, or just finding easy backpacking food tips can always come in handy.

If you don’t have enough experience yet when it comes to traveling solo or lightly, it is best to find a companion to get through your first backpacking trip. If you’re more of a loner, you will be just fine anyway. Just follow all these best backing tips for international travel. It’s all in the detail, and in being technical and precise.

Travel can broaden your mindset so much more than any other hobby ever will. First, you can try to hike with your friends first or go on a short backpacking trip in your local area. That will save you the hassle of following all the travel packing tips for airport security, but also the travel insurance tips for backpackers.

What we want to do is go traveling lightly and in a fun way, right? Packing tips for long term travel will not have to be applied if you go just outside the city on a short camping trip. This way, you will have the chance to learn more about the things you need for backpacking. You’ll also know how to use travel packing tips for long term trips later. Have fun!

Top Useful Backpacking Tips for Beginners

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