10 Tips: How To Dress Like An Italian Woman

Why are Italian women so elegant and mysterious? What does an Italian woman know that we don’t? They definitely know how to dress, how to act, and what attitude to have in different situations. The concept of women, and the concept of fashion, are all very unique in Italy, and that’s one of the biggest […]

The Best Gifts for Women under $50 – Affordable Gift Ideas

It’s always really hard to find the best gifts for women under $50, right? I should know. First of all, I am a woman, and I have many around me from friends to close family. It’s kind of tricky to pick the best gits for women under 50 that can double as great life inspiration. […]

Inspiration for travel-themed gifts

If you’re here, you’re looking for the best travel gifts for your loved ones, right? These days it’s super easy to figure out gifts for people who travel a lot, as there are so many options and inspirations online! I have put together a list that includes travel gifts that are more pricy, as well […]

Ladies! 12 Travel essentials you can’t leave home!

Traveling can be done really simple, or full of headaches. My philosophy is to prepare for as many potential problems as possible, therefore make the most out of my trips! There are many aspects to pay attention to if you want to make this happen! But the first steps are always those travel accessories! With […]

Capitola Watches – A sprinkle of Spanish glam for every day

The Capitola Watches are a part of my daily outfits since 2017. I have found the brand randomly on Social Media, and I’m so happy that I did! When I’ve noticed that the company is actually from Spain, I straight away decided to get my first Capitola Watch. If you’re new on my blog, you […]

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