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Ichnusa Beer – The Beer from Sardinia

A very successful spot and of strong impact on the Italian beer Ichnusa, a beer from Sardinia. The Ichnusa is one of the most popular beers in Italy, especially in the northern regions. Learn with this post a bit about Italian Ichnusa beer, where to find Ichnusa, where to buy Ichnusa beer, the story, and more! […]

What is an Italian Aperitivo? An Italian tradition you’ll love

What is Aperitivo? Many of you might want to know what is Aperitivo means, and what is Aperitivo in English. In this post, you’re going to learn about one of the most beloved afternoon traditions in Italy. Aperitivo is part of the Italian culture, something that’s naturally implemented in every Italian’s life. I’m going to […]

Best Italian Street Food

When you’re visiting Italy, you’re preparing in advance for the many types of delicious food you’ll be trying. Everyone who’s been to Italy knows that authentic Italian food is incredible, and in this country, it’s impossible to not eat a lot. And yes, you’re preparing FOR the delicious Italian pizza and pasta dishes at lunch […]

Emilia-Romagna Food Guide

In Italy, the region of Emilia Romagna is known as Italy’s food valley. Each and every province in Emilia Romagna has its own food specialties. In Emilia, you can find some fantastic regional Italian dishes and food products that are also famous worldwide. With this Emilia Romagna food guide, you’ll learn about local specialties, what […]

Best cookbooks for different types of recipes and diets

There was a time when home-cooking started to be less and less appreciated. However thanks to the circumstances in 2020, things started to change. We started to appreciate more the homemade, and let our creativity unfold in the kitchen. Cooking is trendy again, and it’s something that can be much appreciated. In this post, you […]

5 traditional Italian easy pasta recipes

We all love Italian pasta dishes right? The simplicity, the amazing taste, and the perfection that comes with them… Every bite brings you to heaven and back! I’m sharing from my cookbook now 5 Italian pasta recipes, that you can make easily at home, no matter which side of the world you’re living on! Find […]

8 Spritz and Cocktails from Around the World

Trying drinks and food around the world is the best way to discover other countries. If for nothing else, but to awaken your senses with delicious new tastes. Just as with specific dishes are associated with countries, some well-known drinks too. Here’s a list of 8 cocktails from around the world, to fulfill your wanderlust, […]

The best way to drink more water while traveling

How to drink more water? Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should always be a priority! I always loved everything local, natural, and healthy. And that’s one of the biggest reasons I love so much living in Italy. But, while I was always moving around and traveling, keeping my routines was a real challenge. So I asked […]

Where to eat in Rome? 4 Restaurants near Piazza Navona

Where to eat in Rome? That’s one of the first questions we’re asking every time when we visit, right? We want to try new dishes, traditional dishes, specialties. Basically, we want the best restaurants to try! I know, and the reason I wrote this article is to share my favorite restaurants in Rome, that I […]

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