Is Naples safe to travel?

is Naples Italy safe
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If we have a look at Naples, if it comes to tourism, we can say that the city is very well developed within the industry, and there are thousands and thousands of people visiting Naples each week. But, we’re still having this question in our mind: Is Naples Italy safe to travel to? If you’re asking whether if is Naples safe or is Naples Italy safe for tourists, the short answer is YES! Moreover, if you want to know if is Naples safe for a single female traveller, or is it safe to visit Naples with kids, the answer is still yes!

Naples is no more dangerous than any other big city. If something bad has to happen, it will happen, no matter where we are… Indeed when it comes to the question if is Naples Italy safe to visit, we must consider a few things, and be prepared for these! So now I’d like to highlight a few situations and facts to cover your questions about whether or not is Naples Italy safe!

Is Naples Italy safe for tourists and is it safe to go to Naples?

I was consciously leaving Naples off my bucket list for a long time – especially to visit alone. Then, a friend explained to me in 2017, that there’s nothing to be afraid of! When you say the word Naples to an Italian, they are all smiling and saying how amazing this city is! So is Naples Italy safe to visit? If Italians are not worried to do so, why are you?

Indeed, Naples is less safe than Rome, or Milan, but especially Venice… However, it’s not like the Boogie Man is waiting for you there to arrive… I mean, I hear everyone being concerned about traveling to Naples because of safety. Take it from someone who visited solo Naples, and then New York City, that if I’d had to pick which city is more dangerous, I’d always say New York.

Let’s now stop here and let me answer your question for is Naples Italy safe to visit? Or if you’ve been asking if is Naples Italy safe for tourists, or is Naples safe for a single female traveller? The same precautions go mostly, as for any other city!

Now let’s dig into the origin of mistrust people have when they think about this badass Italian city.

1. A question that everyone asks: Mafia?

is Naples Italy saf


Yes, it’s true that the mafia is powerful in Italy, but it’s not something that you should be worried about. I mean, the mafia exists in each and every country, they are just called in different ways. Shooting people on the street, or doing anything that’s illegal is handled by the authorities. It doesn’t happen frequently, and it doesn’t happen more times than anywhere else around the world.

Hollywood created a big spotlight for the mafia, but it’s not something that tourists would experience during a walk. So, if you’ve been wondering, NO you won’t get caught randomly in the middle of a Godfather movie if you visit Naples! So if you’re afraid of the mafia, and you’re asking if is Naples Italy safe to visit, let me remind you that in many states in the US holding a gun at home is legal. In Italy, this is not legal! 🙂

Mafia and Naples?

Okay, so if you’re asking if is Naples Italy safe for tourists, let’s see through a few facts we know about the mafia. The country’s oldest organized crime syndicate the Camorra is the main reason for people’s fear. According to online resources, it’s a highly organized mafia system, who’s having always has territory wars.

These did demand civil victims a few years ago, mostly by wars between the so-called “baby gangs”. The young gangsters’ war caused 9 people’s death in 2017. As far as I know, 95% of them were somehow related or involved in the Camorra’s business. So basically it wasn’t like gangsters walked down the street and started shooting random people…

After these events from 2017, the authorities FINALLY ordered 0 tolerance measured! Now, if you’re walking around downtown Naples, you can see armed soldiers everywhere. They are there to ensure the safety of locals and visitors. The number of individuals obviously gets tripled during summer in the high season. So if you’re worried about the mafia, and that’s why you’re asking if is Naples Italy safe for tourists, I’m saying again, yes it is!

2. How to travel to Naples?

is Naples Italy saf

Is it safe to go to Naples? Travelling to Naples by car or motorcycle is the easiest, obviously. I myself went there from Rome with FlixBus. Fast, safe, and comfortable. Trains are also fine, but then you need to pay extra attention to your luggage because, in that area, the second big issue is theft!

When I arrived at the bus station I was a bit scared, because that zone really looks like how people described Naples to me. Scary, strange weird people, dirty, and the drivers in Naples are CRAZY!!! I kept asking myself if I made the right decision by coming here if Naples is really safe to travel alone? Then, I just went with the flow. The subway is about 5 minutes away walking from the bus & train station.

I was staying in the historic center of Naples, on Via Toledo. One of the main streets of the city center, a few steps to all the main sights. When I arrived on this street, it was like a totally different world compared to the train station!

The street was clean, and seemed very safe, with lots and lots of tourists all around. My accommodation was a B&B, an absolutely fantastic place! The review is at the end of this article! So if you’re traveling to Naples by plane, train, bus, or ferry, just make sure to always keep an eye on your belongings!

3. Is Naples safe to travel to? Pickpocketers

is it safe in Naples Italy

Another highlight if you’ve been asking if is it safe in Naples Italy, the pickpocketers! One of the most important things you’ll always need to do in Naples is to watch your pocket and belongings! If you’re in need of anti-pickpocket gear to take extra precautions, you can consider that too!

DON’T wear your most expensive clothes and accessories! Better if you try to keep your outfit as simple as possible. I suggest bringing with you a crossbody bag or a small backpack which can be double closed, and on the crowded streets, you can wear it in front of you. Also very important: don’t put your cellphone and money in your pocket!

While the main streets and the seaside seemed safe and very nice, don’t forget to always keep an eye on your belongings! Naples is safe to travel to, you just need to be careful, so as in any other big city!

One street away from the popular spots, and you’ll find yourself in a different world! It’s a really shocking experience, to see how poor people have to live, but at the same time, you’ll notice how beautiful can this be, while it seems also terrifying. It’s just incredible! 

Don’t be afraid in the daylight to walk down some narrow streets. Yes, be careful, but don’t be afraid to do it! A lifelong experience for everyone!

4. Nightlife in Naples – Is Naples Italy safe to visit?

is Naples Italy safe for tourists

So is it safe to go to Naples, we ask! And I say again, that it is safe indeed, but be careful anyway! Another thing to ensure your safety: Don’t wander around alone at night! Do you want to go out for dinner? Great, go and enjoy it because the food in Naples is insane! And of course, you must eat pizza in Naples!

But make sure you don’t stay far from your accommodation after getting dark! Or if you want to have some fun, explore the nightlife in Naples, then take a taxi home! Cabs in Naples aren’t expensive at all!

Also, please, please, please avoid the small streets, especially in the Santa Lucia district. Try to make your way home just on the main streets! This is especially important for ladies who’ve been asking if is Naples safe for a single female traveller!

5. Vehicles and Neopolitan drivers

is it safe in Naples Italy

When you ask if is Naples safe to travel to, the driving in the city must be a highlight of what you watch out for! People are driving CRAZY! It’s no other way to perfectly describe this, just crazy.

They go wherever they have a one-car or one scooter space to go! It doesn’t matter if it’s a pedestrian crossing, if the lamp is on red, or you are in the middle of the road trying to cross… They will go near you on both sides without slowing!

With me, this happened two times there. I literally couldn’t cross the street for 5 minutes even if the light was green three times at the pedestrian crossing. Not to mention all those times I was moments away to be hit by a car or motorcycle… So is Naples Italy safe for tourists? Sure, but to make Naples safe to travel, always watch your step!

6. Accommodation downtown

I was staying in Salotto Borbonico, on the 7th floor of a block, on Via Toledo. It was an amazing place to stay, with such amazing owners and an indescribable view!!! Just the view was worth every cent! It’s a mid-budget place, in high season one night was €80,00.

I feel like that’s a pretty great price, considering the location! So if you’ve got your answers if is Naples Italy safe to visit, or is it safe in Naples Italy, or is Naples safe for a single female traveller? Then, just one more highlight to keep in mind! When you’re looking for accommodation, make sure that the area is safe! Check the reviews, and check the location before booking anything!

So, is Naples safe? Is it safe to visit Naples?

So, is Naples safe to travel to? Is Naples Italy safe to visit? And is Naples Italy safe for tourists? Is it safe in Naples Italy? Yes, yes, and again, yes! As I have mentioned at the beginning of this post, Naples is just as safe or dangerous as any other big city in Italy or Europe. It has strange sights, and there are strange people, but that you can find anywhere.

Just keep in mind all the time to have all your belongings secured, and don’t wander on hidden, strange streets, and you will be just fine. Naples has so many things to offer, and the food is just amazing there! So don’t let a Hollywood movie or some scary stories stop you from visiting this magical Southern Italian city! Take care and enjoy!

Naples is perfectly safe to travel to. Just do your necessary precautions!

To really experience the colorful, energetic, noisy, and eventful Italian life, Naples is a must-see! There’s no other place like this!

See Naples, and die. – Italian proverb

And if I didn’t mention before, its famous sights, the colorful, narrow streets of Santa Lucia district, the view from the hills of Naples, and the beautiful places along the seaside are so amazing, you should never-ever consider skipping it!

I’m also absolutely sure, that you will love the city of Naples, Italy!

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Is Naples safe to travel?

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