Italy has always been a dream destination for many of us. The colorful cities, the vibrant lifestyle, the culture makes it so fabulous? Don’t forget the long history, the breathtaking landscapes, the countrysides, and beaches either!

I fall in love with Italy, before actually visiting it. But I fall in love with it completely after the first time I’ve visited Rome in 2015.

It’s not a secret, that this blog, ShegoWandering is existing because of Italy. I would’ve never started being interested in travel writing or photography if I don’t get on that plane.

About Italy

My first visit caught me so deeply, that I started traveling back every few months. After a couple of years of strolling around Italy, I decided to start this blog, to share my passion, the knowledge I gained, and everything I’ve discovered over the years. And am still discovering!

The diversity of the country

Italy is a very diverse and colorful destination. In each region are at least 10 places that are desired to be seen!

Thanks to diversity, not just in history, but culture, architecture, and style, in each part of the country you’ll find something different, something regional. An interesting fact about diversity is that there are many different dialects across the country. – Interesting is, that if you don’t know the dialect, there’s not much chance you’ll understand anything, even if you speak Italian (or you are Italian).

Anywhere you go to Italy, you’ll find different beauties, gems, vibes. What I really love in the country, that you have plenty of options for all types of interests.

Across the North of Italy

The list goes through everything like hiking in the Dolomites, or skiing in Alto Adige. Wandering in the romantic Venice, and Verona. Relaxing near the Garda Lake, the Iseo Lake, or the Como Lake between the mountains.

Digging into fashion, history, stunning architecture, and arts in Milan.

Towards Tuscany

Discovering the best dishes and colorful towns like Bologna, in the region of Emilia-Romagna. Getting lost in arts of the Renaissance in Florence, or tasting some fantastic wines in Tuscany while admiring the beautiful lands.

Roaming around the beautiful Medieval towns and cities in Italy is like traveling back in time. Towns like Siena are a must!

Rome, the capital city of Italy

Discover the city of my heart, Rome, the Eternal City. Wonder on cobblestoned streets, walk along with the ancient ruins of the Roman Empire. Enjoy the vibes of a lively city, where you can stroll over the colorful Trastevere neighborhood, for some authentic experience on colorful streets. Discover the neighborhood of Navona, and the most famous landmarks of Rome.

Rome has an enormous amount of beautiful architecture, art and other fascinating things to see. Parks, piazzas, amazing restaurants, beautiful churches, and breathtaking fountains. History is everywhere!

Heading down to South of Italy

We can’t stop at Rome, as there’s so much down South that you need to see! The mysterious Pompeii, Naples, and the Vezuv volcano. The lemon town, Sorrento, the charming islands like Capri, and beautiful cliffside town like Positano. Don’t forget to check out the beaches of Bari, the unique village called Alberobello, and as least, but not last, Sicily!

See in the menu, and also below everything that’s been already posted about Italy. In the top menu, you can also navigate by region! Otherwise, if you’re looking for something more specific use the search button!

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