Meneghino – A high-rated Aparthotel in Milan

Milan is the beating heart of North Italy. The fashion capital, the financial motor, the city that has faced so much in history, and it offers to show you its many faces. When you’re visiting Milan, you always have options[…]

7 reasons to visit Verona, Italy

After so many years of roaming around in Italy, Verona is still one of the highlights on my list. This beautiful city in the Veneto region is just way too charming and beautiful! Verona is the place where you’ll fall[…]

Skyline Milan – A luxury apartment in Milan

If you’re looking for a fabulous experience in the fashion capital, you want to make sure that you’re making the best decisions while planning your trip! To have a really unique experience, you need to start at the basics, as[…]

Travel guide to Trento, Italy

Trento is located in the region of Trentino-Alto Adige in North of Italy. A hidden gem that’s featuring a beautiful blend of the Italian medieval, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture with the most charming warm colors, and spectacular views over the[…]

Reasons to visit Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento, Italy

It’s such an amazing feeling to discover something beautiful in places that you’ve not been expecting to find any. Buonconsiglio Castle in Trento, Italy was definitely one of these beauties I’ve discovered! You might have not guessed before how many[…]

A complete travel guide to Piacenza, Italy

Piacenza, Italy is not a well-known town, and it’s definitely not too visited by tourists. But what to do in Piacenza? This town is really lovely, and it has a great list of things to offer! If you’re looking for[…]

Italian slow-living lifestyle lessons

Since I have first visited Italy in 2015, and even before, I was really admiring this Italian slow-living lifestyle! At that time I didn’t really understand it, and I just couldn’t get how Italians are so different from other European[…]

10 tips you want to know before visiting Italy

If anybody’s asking me which country to visit, I always advise Italy. This country is so rich in history, beautiful towns, cities, landmarks, nature, beaches, and food! Oh, that food! It’s no way you wouldn’t find yourself the best matching[…]

A perfect 2-day Itinerary to Milan

If you thought that Milan has nothing more to offer than the Duomo and the fashion world, I’m here to tell you that you were wrong! To be fair, not even 2 days are enough to visit everything that you[…]

The ultimate 3-days Rome Itinerary

Rome is like a museum! The whole city is literally like a big, never-ending museum. On every corner, every piazza, every turn there’s a monument, a fountain, a bridge, a museum, a ruin from the ancient times. If there’s one[…]

Churches to visit in Milan, Italy

Milan has many faces. Fashion, business, finance, arts, and really dominating, however, there’s spirituality as well. Probably the biggest surprise the city caused, is to realize how many beautiful churches are in Milan! Beautiful, grotesque, mysterious, and colorful. The peaceful[…]

Rome Photo Gallery – Colors of the Eternal City

When we think about Rome, and Italy in particular, there’s no way we could imagine it without the sun, the warm colors and the beautiful architecture. My imagination reflects on my pictures. The reason I’m creating and using my own[…]

10 things not to miss in Milan, Italy

When someone’s mentioning Milan, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? The most common answers would be fashion, finance, and sports, right? What about the things to see in Milan? The capital of Lombardy is so much more[…]

10 beautiful squares to visit in Rome

Rome… There’s so much to explore in the capital city of Italy! Two millenniums of history, art, and a vibrant culture compressed in one amazing city. I’ve been sharing lists of streets, neighborhoods, landmarks in Rome already, and this time[…]

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